Harry’s Bar on Grenfell

The Adelaide Food Central team were invited to dine at Harry’s Bar on Grenfell Street. All food and drink were provided free of charge. Harry’s Bar is close to the corner of Grenfell Street and King William Street. The venue’s offerings are predominantly a pub style kind of affair. The menu includes burgers, schnitzels, wedges and a variety of drink specials, similar to most pubs in Adelaide.

The bar is unique in a sense that it seems to give off plenty of character and has this old-world charm about it. This is mainly due to its untouched original moldings, high ceilings, and French doors. We felt like we were transported back to a time in the late 19th century. The bar area leading up to the balcony can easily seat 50 patrons.
Espresso Martinis aren’t formally on the menu, but upon a request to the staff they were able to whip us up two of these beauties. I surprisingly liked it much more than I thought I would. The presence of coffee gave it a really nice rich depth. It had the right amount of vodka to give it that little oomph. And the thick froth on top was creamy, rich and smooth. The drink simply oozed simple sophistication and deliciousness.

This very simple yet very tasty Tasting Plate helped us get our appetites going. Th slices of salami were tasty with the right amount ratios of fat and meat. The flavours of the prosciutto are well drawn out as it is delicate and sweet in flavour. The varieties of cheese gave us a tasty option to spread a layer of creaminess to either the pita bread or crackers before piling on with other ingredients. I must point out that I particularly liked the pita bread. It was warm, nourishing and had this extra flavour about it due to the use of olive oil and other seasonings. The pimento olives paired well with the cheese and the cured meats with its distinctive sweetness and mild flavour. The sun-dried tomatoes were abundant and added that extra oomph when paired with other ingredients on the plate.  The marinated octopus was tender, juicy with subtle flavours owing from the use of olive oil and garlic.

To my palette these Chicken Wings were not that spicy. Nonetheless, they were finger-licking delicious! I like eating chicken wings when the meat is so tender and juicy it just seamlessly tears away from the bone which was definitely the case here. The marinade on the wings were thick, delicious and had this sweet, caramelised barbecue flavour about it. At $5 it is a real good value for money considering the quality of the dish. Highly recommended.

The Porterhouse Steak was cooked medium rare. It was tender, juicy and had that melt-in-your-mouth quality about it. The Diane sauce complimented well with the steak. It was scrumptious, rich, and full of flavour from the right ratios of worcestershire and tomato sauce, onion and garlic.

This is a type of salad that you definitely do not eat on the side as it is very satisfying and filling dish. The mesculin lettuce, cucumber and sliced tomatoes were fresh and crunchy. The pieces of breaded chicken were succulent and had that nice subtle crunch. The wedges also added that extra crunchy texture to the dish.  The ranch dressing provided a refreshing element to the otherwise heavy dish with its light, tangy and creamy characteristics. Shaved bits of parmesan added that bit of bite to the dish.

You get a huge piece of schnitzel when you order the classic Chicken Parmy and a very generous amount of crunchy chips and crisp salad on the side. The chicken itself was not at all dry and was perfectly moist. The tomato sauce topping was rich and full of flavour. I like how there was the right amount of melted cheese here. I find at some venues they tend to put too much cheese and it overtakes the tomato sauce and the entire dish itself in some cases.

I have not ate many Brownies before but I can confidently say these are the best brownies I have eaten by far. They were decadent and moist but at the right of amount. It was slightly chewy, fudgey and quite indulgent when paired with the side of cream. A really lovely high note to end off the night.

The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. The portions of food were very generous considering the price, and it is certainly great value for money. The atmosphere is relaxed and we cannot go pass the old-world charm the place naturally oozes. Definitely a little gem in Adelaide that more people need to know about.  I would gladly come back here very soon.

Words by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 12 Grenfell St, Adelaide

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