Grange Golf Club

The Grange Golf Club is a huge place boasting two 18 hole golf courses and a function centre. A quick search of their website indicates their are two menus; the Grilled @ Grange and the more casual Bistro menu. I was at the Grange Golf Club today as part of a company function where only the bistro menu was available. The menu wasn’t very exciting and offered your typical pub fare.

Beef Burger
Beef Burger

For lunch, I ordered the Beef Burger. The meal came out after a 15 minute wait and was average in presentation. I was a bit disappointed by the size of the burger and must admit I was expecting more. The beef patty was juicy and well seasoned, but a little on the thin side. The bacon could have been crispier, the egg yolk runny and the cheese melted on top of the patty. The caramelised onion and smokey tomato relish overpowered the burger with sweetness. The bun was nice and firm, and held all the ingredients in well.

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed, but it’s like that when you have a whole function room to yourselves. The cost of the Beef Burger was $14.50 which is fairly average, although based on what I got today, I wouldn’t be happy paying that amount.

I’ve had co-workers that have dined here on many occasions and have said that the food is good. I’m thinking they must have been talking about their other menu because the general consensus with the bistro menu today was that the food was average.

WHERE: White Sands Drive, Grange



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr Fitz says:

    Burger looks good

  2. Mr Fitz says:

    Shame it didn’t taste as good!

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