Dumpling Dumpling

Dumpling Dumpling is a small eatery located inside the new Brickworks Shopping complex. The menu is fairly simple and straight forward with 6 types of dumplings and 2 types of Chinese Rolls. One thing in their favour is you can see the dumplings freshly made and cooked behind the counter.


For lunch, I ordered the Beef and Onion Dumplings. The dumplings were nice and crispy on one side, and a little firmer on the other. The filling was very well seasoned and properly cooked throughout. I only had two criticisms of this dish. The dumplings were a tad oily and I would have browned both sides. Other than that, very well executed and one of the better dumplings I’ve had.

Beef and Onion Dumplings
Beef and Onion Dumplings

The staff were friendly and the service was good. Pricing is very reasonable with a dozen dumplings setting you back $7.80. You actually get more at Dumpling King, but I felt this was made up for by the quality of the dumplings.

I look forward to trying some of their other dumplings.

WHERE: 36 South Rd, Torrensville



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