Zambrero – Torrensville

With the opening of the brand new $65 million dollar shopping precinct at the Brickworks comes the opening of many stores that we’re already familiar with. Located within the precinct is Zambrero, the third store in Adelaide and the first outside the city centre. With burittos, quesadillas, nachos and tacos, the setup is like the Subway of Mexican fast food. The indoor space isn’t very big, however, the outdoor area more than makes up for it.


For lunch, I had the Lamb Burrito with white rice, tomato, corn, coriander and onion salsa, guacamole and chipotle sauce. The lamb was tender, succulent and well seasoned, and the vegetables were nice and fresh. I thought their rice was mushy and the chipotle sauce a bit watery. Other than that, it was a decent burrito.

Lamb Burrito
Lamb Burrito

The staff were nice and the service was quick. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed, and the pricing was on par with their other stores. If you’re craving for Mexican while at the Brickworks then Zambrero is where it’s at.

WHERE: 36 South Rd, Torrensville



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