Ballaboosta is a small Middle Eastern tapas and pizza restaurant located just off the corner of Halifax and Hutt Streets. Meaning housewife, homemaker and wonderful mother, this place offers a small selection of breakfast delights, and an all day menu which includes dips, soup, flatbreads, salads, wood oven pizzas and tapas dishes.


The decor here is very industrial with an exposed brick wall down one side. The white tiles with dark grout and the low hanging light fittings are fairly standard in new places these days and this place is no different. The main feature is the wood fired oven where you can see the dishes being cooked in the open kitchen area. Set in a nice open space, there is plenty of natural light flowing through it’s frontage.


Today, I caught up with Jacqui from Jacqui’s Food Fetish where we decided to order 4 dishes to share.

First up was the Grilled Haloumi. The Cyprian haloumi cheese was grilled to a light golden brown to the point that the exterior was slightly crisp. The cheese was firm and very salty, but was balanced by the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes and the bed of crisp rocket.

Grilled Haloumi
Grilled Haloumi

The Flambeed Sausages were made from spiced lamb and were sauteed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. The lamb filling was juicy and succulent, however, we both felt it could have been better seasoned.

Flambeed Sausages
Flambeed Sausages

Kebbi is hand rolled cracked wheat dumplings filled with a mixture of lamb and beef mince, diced onions and pine nuts. The exterior was fairly solid, and stabbing it with a fork was even a challenge. The lamb and beef filling was moist and nicely flavoured. The texture was somewhat crunchy from the cracked wheat and the pine nuts inside the filling.


The Balloosta Meats is a pizza topped with beef mince, onions and tomato served on a piece of flatbread. The beef mince was nicely spiced with strong Middle Eastern flavours. This was balanced by the sweetness of the onions and tomatoes. The flatbread was light and airy with lovely smokey flavours from the wood oven.

Ballaboosta Meats
Ballaboosta Meats

The staff were really friendly and accommodating, and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed even with the busy lunch time crowds. Pricing was fairly reasonable with each tapas dish costing $10 while the flatbread we had was slightly more expensive at $11.

Compared to other Middle Eastern eateries I’ve been to, I’d say this place was slightly better.

WHERE: 289 Halifax St, Adelaide




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  1. Jacqui Lim says:

    Nice write up!!! 🙂

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