Sheoak Cafe

I was just driving through the Adelaide Hills and I was looking for somewhere local to eat. I check the Urbanspoon app and it tells me the Sheoak Cafe comes highly recommended. A quick look at the menu on the door indicates an international cuisine with Sri Lankan, Turkish, French, Italian and Greek dishes on offer.


The cafe is a place that was previously a home and you can see the distinct areas that were once rooms. The blue and brown colour scheme gives the cafe a homely feel and there is a good amount of natural light flowing through.


For lunch, I had the Open Turkey which was ready 15 minutes after ordering. For a glorified toastie, the presentation was quite good. The base had thin slices of turkey underneath a golden brown melted cheese topping. The bacon was chopped up into tiny bits and were grilled until crisp. The saltiness of the bacon was well balanced by the sweetness of the cranberry. The pistachios added a nice crunchy texture and worked perfectly well with with the lightly dressed, fresh side salad.

Open Turkey
Open Turkey

The staff were friendly and the service was alright. I did think they were a little slow to clear up some of the dirty tables, but other than that, everything was good. The cost of the Open Turkey was $15 which is standard cafe prices.

Nice cosy little place up in the hills that is worth a visit if you’re driving through.

WHERE: 38 Sheoak Rd, Belair




Sheoak Cafe on Urbanspoon

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