Ramsgate Hotel

When I was younger, the Ramsgate Hotel was better known as the “Punch Up” pub where two AFL players had some sort of altercation. Thankfully, it’s been out of the news since then, but if some of the online reviews are anything to go by, it wasn’t going to be a pleasant dining experience. After speaking to one of the bar staff, I was told they had recently hired a new chef and there was a focus on improving the food. This sounded promising and it was time to sit down and eat.

The Ramsgate Hotel has a decent sized menu with many of your pub favourites. The offerings are divided up into light dishes, street food, salads, seafood and larger dishes. You can see the American influences with dishes such as Southern Fried Chicken, Coney Island Express, Gumbo and Texas BBQ Ribs. There are some Chinese, Argentinian, Italian and French dishes thrown into the mix to add some international flavour.


The Ramsgate Hotel is a decent sized pub that is right at the doorstep of Henley Beach. A stunning character building on the outside, it’s interior is modern and stylish with plenty of seating available both inside and out. It’s multiple frontages allow plenty of natural light into the venue making it light and airy.


For lunch, I ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger which arrived 15 minutes after ordering. The presentation was very good, and I particularly liked how they spread the aioli into a shape of a fish. I did think they were a little conservative with the chips though.

The beef patty was of a good thickness and was the same diameter as the bun. The meat was well marinated, juicy, but slightly over cooked. The gypsy speck was nice and crispy, and was complimented by the crunchy beer battered onion ring. The baby cos lettuce was fresh and crisp, and the tomato was ripe and juicy. The highlight for me was the sharp taste of the provolone cheese as it gave the burger nice depth. The tomato and barbecue aioli was generously applied and prevented the burger from being too dry. The quality of the bun wasn’t great as it simply fell apart within the first few bites.

The burger came with a side of chips which were adequately salted but were a little on the soft and soggy side.

Wagyu Beef Burger
Wagyu Beef Burger

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is pretty much on par with other pubs. The cost of the burger was $19.90 which was reasonable considering it was a well constructed burger with good quality ingredients. It wasn’t without flaws, but it certainly has all the elements of being great.

If the burger is anything to go by, the food at the Ramsgate Hotel has changed for the better.

WHERE: 328 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach




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