Malt Fiction’s 13

Adelaide Food Central was invited to the launch of Malt Fiction’s first craft beer “13” which was held at the Laneway Bar. All drinks and food were provided free of charge.

The idea behind Malt Fiction was that the owners wanted to create a craft beer that would take you to utopia. Malt refers to the germinated grain used in brewing and distilling, and fiction refers to the inventing. Combine these two together and Malt Fiction was born.


Of course, lets not forget the fantastic venue that is the Laneway Bar. Up to it’s third iteration, it’s certainly quite different to when I was last here. Made from old shipping containers and recycled materials, it has become an efficient use of space with multiple levels of seating. The small bridge that connects the mid-levels wasn’t here during my last visit, but it does well to separate the upper level spaces. Combine this with a DJ belting out some funky tunes, and a constant supply of sushi and sliders to reduce the affects of the alcohol, and you have one well organised event.

Inside Upstairs
Inside Upstairs

Anyway, back to the drink! 13 has been designed to cater for the masses by being very drinkable. The use of Australian Summer hops gives this beer melon characteristics, and wheat gives it a clean, crisp finish. Brewed an all Australian malt, the beer has a light grainy malt flavour with light bitterness and fruity characteristics. It’s the lightness in particular that allows you to drink so much of it.


Malt Fiction’s 13 is available in over 30 bars, hotels and restaurants across Adelaide. While not really a beer drinker myself, this is one beer that I actually don’t mind.

WHERE: 121 Hindley St, Adelaide

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