Aux Fines Bouches

I have a co-worker who constantly raves about this place. To be honest, until recently, I did not know this place existed, let alone pronounce it’s name. I have been told the ingredients of the products here are imported from France and French cooking methods are used. To me, that sounded impressive and it was worth paying them a visit.


This quaint little patisserie is rather cosy. The black and white colour scheme, the ornaments, and the picture frames really add to the atmosphere. The kitchen is open so you can see the chefs in action, and there is plenty of natural light flowing in through it’s frontage.


Today, I had the Duo Au Chocolat. I must admit, I have not seen anything so perfectly sliced in my life. It was almost too good to eat.

The Duo Au Chocolat consisted of 2 layers, a light and fluffy cream sitting on top of a silky smooth chocolate mousse. Covering the slice was a lovely glossy layer of dark chocolate. Everything was so soft and delicate, it was melt in your mouth stuff.

Duo Au Chocolat
Duo Au Chocolat

The staff were friendly and the service was really good. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the pricing was good value. The cost of the Duo Au Chocolat was $4.50, which is almost unheard of. Expect to pay at least $7.50 at any other cafe.

This place is like a little bit of France right here in Adelaide.

WHERE: 496 Brighton Rd, Brighton




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