St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert – Glenelg

The opening of St Louis’s second store in the heart of Glenelg is a winning move. Literally metres away from the beach, it’s ideally located and will attract customers looking for an ice cream fix on a hot Summer day. Anybody that has been to their city store would already be familiar with their menu; breakfast, crepes, waffles, fondues, churros and a selection of other dessert creations.


The fit out is in line with their city store, however the space is much larger. I particularly like the long counter area and the bookshelves at the very end is a nice touch.


For dessert, I ordered the Sweet Amalia Profiterole Journey. It’s three profiterole ice cream sandwiches filled with nutella, wild strawberry and choc-peanut butter flavours and then drizzled with pure melted milk chocolate.

This dessert had to be prepared twice. The creation is a bit of a balancing act, and one of the store attendants used his bare fingers to position the ice cream scoops on top of the profiterole base. Having seen this, we asked for the dish to be made again.

When it finally arrived, we didn’t think it was that impressive. The cutlery provided was sticky and looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned properly. The profiteroles were small and the ice cream scoops varied in size. I thought the best part of this dish was the melted chocolate.

Sweet Amalia Profiterole Journey
Sweet Amalia Profiterole Journey

My friend ordered the Ooh La La Chocolat with caramel instead of strawberry. The rich chocolate fondant was warm and moist, however, the caramel was just poured on top instead of injected. Everything else was good and my friend was content with her dessert.

Ooh La La Chocolat
Ooh La La Chocolat

The staff were friendly and laid back, and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is inline with their other store. The cost of my dessert was $12.90, which in my mind, wasn’t worth it.

This place should do well from the Moseley Square foot traffic alone. As with all new places, there are teething problems when it first opens, and that’s to be expected.

WHERE: Shop 3, 1 Colley Tce, Glenelg




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