Bodri’s Chimney Cake Station

The Chimney Cake (also known as Kurtosh Kalach) first originated in Hungary over 300 years ago. It’s a traditional artisan baked sweet cake that is freshly baked and is available in many flavours. Originally baked as a wedding cake, it has now become a popular street food in Hungary. While the recipe has gradually evolved over the centuries, traditional methods are still used with only the most natural ingredients.

While the Chimney Cake is their main seller, they also offer a selection of sponge cakes, artisan biscuits and savoury snacks. They also have a selection of Italian coffee and hot chocolate from Lucaffe, luxury teas from Teadrop, and an assortment of other beverages.


As far as food trucks go, the Chimney Cake Station is as state-of-the-art as I’ve seen. It has running water that is delivered through a three stage water filter, a stainless steel interior, fridges, food safe ice containers, POS terminal, an awning and LED lighting. It’s like the James Bond vehicle of the food truck world.

Food Truck
Chimney Cake Station

The standard Chimney Cake is available in plain, cinnamon, walnut, coconut and cocoa. They do offer a limited edition version which includes fruit. I was told the most popular version was the Chimney Cake covered in ground walnut, so I went for that.

The Chimney Cake is actually a decent size and is enough to be shared between at least two people. The cake is made from a sweet yeast dough which is wrapped around a truncated cone-shaped baking spit and then rolled in granulated sugar. The surface of the chimney cake becomes a nice golden brown colour from the melted butter that is applied during the baking process. The external crust on the cake was crispy from the caramelised sugar, while the inside was still a bit doughy. Combined with the ground walnut, it wasn’t overly sweet.

Chimney Cake
Chimney Cake

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The cost of the standard Chimney Cake was $7.50 which is reasonable consider the cake can be shared.

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