Thai In A Wok

Thai In A Wok is a small to medium sized place on the north western side of Hindmarsh Square. The decor is basic and neat, with the use of commercial chairs and tables being quite prominent. There’s adequate space between adjacent tables, which is a good thing. My initial impression of this place wasn’t a positive one. While the place was full of customers during the lunch hour rush, the staff were no where to be seen.

Today, I ordered the Pad Thai. We waited a good 30 minutes after ordering, and after questioning 2 staff members, the food finally arrived. I can only assume that this place is short a cook or two. The chef in the kitchen was cooking one meal at a time, and some of the customers that came before us were still waiting. My dish wasn’t very well presented. It looked like a bunch of noodles that had just been thrown onto a plate.

The Pad Thai was OK, but I’ve had a lot better. The noodles were over cooked and a little bit oily. The chicken was a bit tough, although they do get points for using breast meat. The prawns were perfectly cooked, although parts of the prawn tail were mixed up in the dish. The amount of protein was rather conservative. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and I loved the crunchy texture from the raw bean sprouts. The flavours were well balanced and the colour of the dish seemed to be missing that reddish tinge. The serving size was adequate, but I was expecting more for their price point.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The staff here were very friendly, although I found the service to be a bit poor. Our orders took way too long to be taken and the food took too long to arrive. With the busy lunch time crowd, the atmosphere was vibrant. They did have a nice selection of dishes on their menu, however, I was disappointed to see no lunch time specials. I paid normal main menu prices for what really was a lunch time serving. This place was OK for me.

WHERE: City Centre, Hindmarsh Sq





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