Mylk Bar

Adelaide will no longer be known as the “City of Churches”, but more the “City of Bars”. Mylk bar is one of the latest bars to open up in Adelaide. Located on Flinders Street, at the Victoria Square end, most of the clientele that visit here are white collar workers. The external facade of this place is reminiscent of a 60’s milk bar, while the inside is stylish and sophisticated. I particularly like how they have integrated 3 different types of flooring, the combining of brick and timber on both the bar and walls, and the wavy timber light fittings hanging from the ceiling.

The place has a very good wine list and a range of boutique beers, but if you’re like me, you’re here for the food. There is a decent selection of food to choose from with mainly tapas, and local and American inspired dishes. Today, I ordered a serve of the Chicken Popcorn. Through an honest mistake, I was sitting at a table that was reserved. I subsequently had to move to an unreserved table, however, my order was designated for the original table. When my meal was ready after a 10 minute wait, the waitress that kicked me off the original table, served my meal to a couple who hadn’t even ordered the dish. When the waitress realised her mistake, someone at the original table was already eating my meal.

A good 25 minutes later, my dish finally arrived. The dish was nicely presented on a timber plate, as is every other dish. The Chicken Popcorn was merely lightly battered chicken breast that had been cut up into small pieces. The chicken was slightly dry and bland in taste. It came with a lemon mayo which had sufficient zestiness. Even with the mayo, the chicken didn’t taste that good. I wasn’t sure whether it was the lemon mayo or the bad service that was leaving a sour taste in mouth.

Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken

Even with the busy lunchtime crowd, the atmosphere was relaxed. The staff were friendly for the most part, although the error with my meal didn’t leave a good impression. The $8 Chicken Popcorn wasn’t anything to write home about either. With live jazz bands that play here on Friday nights, and the subsequent transformation of the venue into a dance floor, I may consider coming back here for something other than the food.

WHERE: 57 Flinders St, Adelaide





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