Outback Jack’s – North Adelaide

Outback Jacks is another steak franchise that has stores across the country. Located on the second floor of North Adelaide Village, I didn’t realise it was there until I really looked for it. The decor here is fairly similar to it’s other stores, with the main feature being the giant styrofoam crocodile hanging from the ceiling. The staff are friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere is quite relaxed on a week night.

On my most recent visit, I ordered Big Jack’s Rack, which is their slow cooked pork ribs smothered in smokey BBQ sauce. The dish came out 15 minutes after ordering and the meal was nicely presented. I was impressed with the size of the dish. The ribs were the size of a keyboard which was sitting on top of a bed of chips.

The ribs here were good but not the best I’ve ever eaten. The pork was tender and there were a lot of meaty bits. The meat fell off the bone which was good, however the meat lacked flavour. I felt the pork had been boiled and then smothered with the BBQ sauce. It was almost as though the meat wasn’t marinated long enough. The BBQ sauce itself was way too sweet. So sweet, it should have been called a dessert. Their chunky chips on the other hand were really good. Nice and crunchy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. The amount of salt added was perfect.

BBQ Pork Ribs
BBQ Pork Ribs

They do have the Jack’s Challenge here which I would never contemplate doing. It’s 1kg of Rump Steak with 500g of Wedges and 500g of steamed vegetables. In the past, if you finished it within 30 minutes, you would get a free shirt and your meal for half price. These days, you still get the shirt but you get a voucher for your next visit. I’ve had friends who have almost completed it and they have said that the vegetables are the biggest hurdle. Apparently they’re quite bland and difficult to digest.

Definitely one of their better stores if you actually go to one.

WHERE: 81 O’Connell St, North Adelaide





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