Sebel Playford Adelaide

Eating a lunch time meal at the bar is one thing, but dining at the restaurant is a totally different experience.

Tonight, I had a perfect 3 course meal with absolutely nothing to fault. The meals came out 15 minutes after ordering, and each subsequent course was very well timed.

SPICY SOY GLAZED QUAIL – This reminded me of some of the processed meats you can buy in Asian supermarkets. The meat was lean, firm and full of flavour. I couldn’t really taste the spiciness, but it was delicious none the less.

Spicy Soy Glazed Quail
Spicy Soy Glazed Quail

PRAWN AND SPANNER CRAB GUMBO – A very refreshing savoury stock. The prawn and crab were delicate and sweet, and more importantly, no signs of shell. An interesting and tasty dish.

Prawn and Spanner Crab Gumbo
Prawn and Spanner Crab Gumbo

BLACK SESAME TARO – This is very similar to taro cake that Mum makes at home. You could taste the individual pieces of Chinese sausage in the dish. The flavours and textures were just right. Compliments to the chef for replicating something I often have at home.

Black Sesame Taro
Black Sesame Taro

SUMAC CRUSTED LAMB CUTLETS – The dish of the night. The lamb was thick, juicy and perfectly cooked. The sumac crust around the cutlets was to die for. The baba ganoush was full of flavour and it complemented the lamb beautifully. The greens were well cooked but weren’t the stars of the dish.

Sumac Crusted Lamb Cutlets
Sumac Crusted Lamb Cutlets

GUM HONEY PADDLE POP – A nice refreshing dessert at the end of the night. The ice cream was subtle in sweetness, while the inclusion of honeycomb crumbs was absolutely genius.

Gum Honey Paddle Pop
Gum Honey Paddle Pop

The service here was excellent. Cloth towels were placed on our laps, drinks were constantly refilled, plates were taken away when finished and everything was done with a smile. The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate, particularly with the lights getting dimmer as the night progressed. The pricing is a bit on the high side, but is pretty much on par with other fine dining establishments.

Definitely one of the better fine dining restaurants in Adelaide. Check it out!

WHERE: 120 North Tce, Adelaide





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