Bittersweet Patisserie

Bitter Sweet Patisserie is located in a small shopping complex on Frederick Road. Cakes, pastries and chocolates are what these guys specialise in, and with a team that has world wide experience, they certainly mean business when it comes to sugary goodness.

I actually stumbled on this place by chance and was surprised to be in room full of soon-to-be married couples. Wedding cakes are their specialty, and if you want a custom designed one, then this is the place to go. For me, I was more interested in the sweets on offer in their dessert cabinet.

Today, I ordered the Chocolate Mint; a white mint mousse covered in a chocolate mousse, which is then covered in dark chocolate and surrounded by mint chocolate shards. The dessert was delicious and it was like eating a large after dinner mint. The mousse was so rich and decadent, I reckon the regular customers here all have type 2 diabetes.

Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint

The staff were really friendly and the service was pretty good. The shop isn’t that large with seating for 2 or 3 inside, and another 4 outside. From what I could see, a lot of their clientele were couples planning their wedding day, or those wanting to purchase a whole cake for a special occasion.

It probably should have got 5 stars, had the cutlery and plate I had my dessert on, been clean. I guess you could say I have Bitter Sweet memories of this place.

WHERE: 178 Frederick Rd, Grange





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