Cafe Di Mare

I’ve had some ordinary meals at the Grand Chancellor Hotel on Hindley, so when we came to Cafe Di Mare, which is inside the Grand Chancellor Hotel on Currie Street, I had very little expectation.

The literal translation of Cafe Di Mare from Italian is “Cafe of the Sea”. Not surprisingly, seafood dishes make up the major portion of their menu, however, they do offer your typical pub grub as well.

The place itself is rather swanky. The open plan area, the ornate timber flooring, and the imposing high ceilings, make you feel like you’re in a fine dining restaurant. The staff are very friendly and the service is above average. The atmosphere is relaxed, with not too much noise coming from the main street outside.

Today, I ordered the Di Mare Beef Burger. The burger arrived 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. All meals arrived at the same time. The beef patty was about an inch thick and was perfectly cooked. The diameter of the patty had the same circumference as the bun, so at no point was I eating bread by itself. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, the egg was fried to perfection, and the bacon could have been more crispier. A light tangy mayonnaise was used which added a bit more contrast with each bite. The bun was firm enough to hold all the ingredients together and yet soft on the inside. It reminded me of a glorified Hungry Jacks Whopper with an extra thick patty, bacon and egg. The chips were nice and chunky, but they could have spent a bit more time in the deep frier.

Di Mare Burger
Di Mare Burger

While the burger was around the price I would pay at most pubs and specialist burger joints, it wasn’t anything special. I could have went to Hungry Jacks, asked for an extra patty, bacon and egg with my Whopper, and it would have been less than half the price. The surroundings and service were definitely a lot better, so I guess I need to factor that into the equation. The burger wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. It was just average. This place is just OK in my books.

WHERE: 12 Currie St, Adelaide





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