Wok In A Box – Adelaide – North Tce

Wok In A Box is an Asian take away franchise that opened over a decade ago. With over 30 stores across the country, each outlet offers a fusion of Asian cuisines. I must admit, I’ve been a bit slow on their uptake, and it was only today that I tried them for the first time.

I initially visited their Hindley Street store, which is closest to where I work. Keen on getting a good photo, I asked the staff member whether I could have my dish on a plate if I dined in. They staff member said they only served their meals in boxes which ever way you ordered.

Knowing that the North Terrace store served their dine in meals on plates, I walked a kilometre further away for that satisfaction. With a similar fit out to the Hindley Street store, the North Terrace store is about half the size. There’s about half a dozen seats inside and about a dozen outside.

The setup of this store reminds me of an Asian Subway, with the bread being replaced with noodles. Just like a Subway store, you have all your ingredients set out in front of you. The customer has the option choosing individual items for their noodle dish or picking a set menu item. There’s a regular size which is equivalent to a 6 inch sub, or a large size which is equivalent to your foot long.

Today, I ordered the large Pad Thai. At this place, they measure their sizes using bowls. The large bowl was a decent size and I knew my meal was going to be a hearty one. The staff member selected my Pad Thai ingredients and the dish was cooked in front of me. 10 minutes after ordering, my dish was ready. It was nicely presented and on a plate!

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The serving was large! Not ordinary large, but “I don’t need to eat dinner” large! The noodles were perfectly cooked. They were nice and firm, and the amount was more than generous. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, but a little on the conservative side. The peanuts and bean sprouts gave the dish a nice crunchy texture. Cocktail prawns were used, which was kind of disappointing because other places put larger ones in their dish. The chicken used looked like it was chopped up from a thigh fillet. It looked kind of dodgy, but it was edible and I didn’t bite into any cartilage. The flavours were well balanced and the dish had a nice reddish brown colour.

For a take away place that serves Pad Thai, this was surprisingly good. The $12.95 price tag is what I expect to pay at a restaurant, but the serving size could have fed two. This is coming from a big eater! Not the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had, but certainly a very satisfying one. This place was a pleasant surprise!

WHERE: 29b North Tce, Adelaide





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