Pizza E Mozzarella Bar

They say if you want to properly review a place, you need to go there several times and try all of their dishes. For me, I don’t have the time or money to revisit every single place in Adelaide. Funnily enough, almost 11 months to the day, I find myself at Pizza E Mozzarella for the second time.

This time, we didn’t just go for pizza, we went for the full banquet.

PIZZAS – We had a selection of 4 pizzas; Verdure, Quattro Stagioni, Nduja and Margherita. The pizza bases were light and fluffy, with thin centres and thick edges. The toppings were fresh and slightly more generous than my previous visit.

PORK BELLY – This was simply amazing! The roast pork was life changingly good and there was so much of it. The meat was well marinated, tender and moist. The skin was nice and crunchy. It was quite simply heaven on a plate. The dish of the night!

Pork Belly
Pork Belly

LAMB RIBS – The size of the lambs must be small because the ribs were minuscule. They must have been starved as well because there was hardly any meat on those ribs. The meat was well marinated and tender. It was still a good dish, it just could have been better.

Lamb Ribs
Lamb Ribs

SLOW ROASTED CHICKEN – The chicken was tender and juicy. The herbs were completely infused into the meat. It was simply perfectly cooked chicken.

Slow Roasted Chicken
Slow Roasted Chicken

ROAST POTATOES – The potatoes were firm and crisp on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. The rosemary worked so well with the potatoes, I could have just kept on eating them all night.

LETTUCE SALAD – To me this salad was kind of boring. It had nice colour, but I could have made this myself. The dressing was over applied, but I didn’t have too much of this anyway, so it didn’t bother me too much.

The service here was exceptional, as it was during my last visit. You really need to have the banquet here to truly experience the mastery in the kitchen. It was only until tonight that I realised why this place is really special.

WHERE: 33b Pirie St, Adelaide





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