Salad Choice – Grenfell St

All this eating out isn’t great for my health, so I thought it was time to introduce some vegetables into my diet. I walk into Salad Choice, which is basically Subway without the bread. Who needs bread anyway? Excess carbs just makes you fat.

But then I noticed they sell pizzas. For $7.95, you can get a pizza on premade base with your choice of toppings. Knowing that if I have the salad, I’ll just be hungry in a few hours. Instead I went for the more satisfying pizza.

They whip out the base, add some tomato paste, ham, pineapple, red peppers, Spanish onion and herbs. Shove it into an oven for 5 minutes and out comes a piping hot pizza. The base is thin and the toppings appear to be fresh. Not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but for under $8, what do you expect? It must be healthy because it’s a pizza made in a salad bar!

Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Ham and Pineapple Pizza

I have no self control! I’ll try eating like a rabbit tomorrow!

WHERE: 19 Grenfell St, Adelaide





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