Buckingham Arms Hotel

Located outside the fringe of the city is the Buckingham Arms Hotel. I have been here several years ago for a coworkers service anniversary lunch. It wasn’t great back then and it still isn’t that great now. I guess they should get bonus points for consistency.

The decor here is old. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was sitting in the original furniture that was used when this place first opened. Getting in and out of your seat is such a pain as the legs of the chair create friction against the carpet. The tables are also really close together as well.

ROAST BEEF – Nice tender, succulent slices of perfectly cooked beef. This dish was the highlight of the night.

LEG HAM – Ham was really cooked and full of flavour.

SMOKED COD – The fish tasted like it had been sitting there for days. The onion rings were over cooked. The potato salad had egg in it which made it taste kind of bland.

CHICKEN CACCIATORE – The chicken was over cooked, however the flavour was nice and savoury.

BEEF KORMA – Beef was over cooked. Curry sauce was very watery. Flavours were OK but I could have made it better myself.

Beef Korma
Beef Korma

CHEESE PLATTER – Nice selection of cheeses and dry fruits. My particular favourite was the blue cheese.

PAVLOVA – Pavlova was light and airy, and subtly sweet. The surrounding cream wasn’t really required and was there to make it look better.

CINNAMON DONUTS – Best eaten when they’re just made. Nice and hot, and covered in loads of cinnamon. Get the ones closest to the chute where they come out of.

This venue seems to be very popular with the families. There were numerous kids running around the buffet area. Some children were getting their own food, and when the food got stuck on the serving spoons, they would use their hands to remove the food. These buffets are really a hive of germs.

The service here started OK but it gradually got worse. Our plates got cleared the first few times, but by the end of the night, the service was nonexistent. The atmosphere was relaxed with such a cosy setting. The buffet here was $35, which was over priced for the lack of quality in the dishes. There were some highlights, but not enough to justify the cost.

WHERE: 1 Walkerville Tce, Gilberton





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