Soonta – Rundle Place

Soonta is take away joint in the Rundle Place food court and is also part of a franchise with several stores around the city. Their menu mainly consists of Vietnamese rolls, salads, cold rolls and spring rolls, however, some of their ingredients are Japanese inspired. Setup similar to a Subway store, customers order from one end, choose specific ingredients for their order, and then work their way to the other end, where payment is made.

Today, I ordered the Roast Pork Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese Roll) with all the trimmings.

BREAD ROLL – Nice freshly baked bread roll of a decent size. Crusty on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. It held up well and didn’t fall apart when you bit into it.

ROAST PORK – The roast pork I was given was absolutely disgusting. The pork was 20% meat, 60% fat and 20% skin. The meat had been soaking in its own juices to the point everything was soft and mushy. The fat had almost dissolved into liquid form and it reminded me of body fat removed after liposuction. The crunchy pork skin on the other hand, was heavenly!

VEGETABLES – There were a generous amount of pickled carrot provided, however it lacked that subtle sweetness I was expecting. Definitely could have done with more sugar when they were making it. The cucumber was nice and crunchy, and the coriander helped give the roll more flavour.

CONDIMENTS – The egg mayonnaise was a nice emulsion of ingredients that complimented all the other elements in the roll. The chili paste was very mild and didn’t provide sufficient bite in the roll. I think they should have used fresh chili, which gives you random bursts of excitement, when you bite into one.

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

At $6.50, I feel its a bit pricey for a Vietnamese roll. I guess you need to take into account the high rents being paid by being in the city. One thing I did learn after eating the Vietnamese roll is that fat tastes really good. It’s just the sight of chunks of fat that is really off putting. The Vietnamese roll here was really tasty, you just need to bring a blind fold along when you’re eating it.

WHERE: Rundle Place Food Court





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