Soonta – Waymouth Street Store 15 Year Anniversary

Everything starts from humble beginnings, as did the very first Soonta store back in 2008. It was a standalone store at the time and it introduced South Australians to the world of Vietnamese street food. As they do today, there are massive lines outside the store as people order their healthy and delicious Vietnamese meal. This is part of their food philosophy for customers to “eat tasty and eat healthy”.

As we know, Vietnamese food is traditionally healthy as many of their dishes are full of fresh green herbs and healthy vegetables. The menu at Soonta is a reflection of this with customers having the option to choose from banh mi, salad bowls, bun bowls, rice bowls and cold rolls.

After 15 years, Soonta is now a household name with a total of 19 franchise stores around South Australia and Queensland. Things may be constantly changing, but the food philosophy of Soonta still remains the same.

To celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary, Soonta Waymouth Street is giving away 150 Banh Mi (whiles stocks last) on Tuesday May 2nd from 10am to 2:30pm.

WHERE: 14 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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