Cluedunnit – Murders They Wrote

So you’ve watched both Knives out and Glass Onion. You were riveted by The White Lotus and you even managed to solve The Mousetrap earlier this month at Her Majesty’s Theatre. But your inner Sherlock Holmes is still itching for more murders to solve….. We have a solution for you!

On Saturday night we attended the Stamford Plaza Adelaide for a Murder Mystery Dinner! The team from Cluedunnit, one of the longest established murder mystery companies in the world have now collaborated with the Stamford to bring these truly exciting events to Adelaide.

In our Agatha Christie inspired evening we experienced ‘Murders They Wrote’. It was 1934 and were on the Orient Express headed to Istanbul for the coveted Scarlet Quill Awards. The 6 authors who were nominated for this coveted award were also on the train, but just as our journey commenced the favourite to win the award was found dead. Our job was to find out how, why and most importantly – who was involved.

As the night rolled on we enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal of lamb salad with tomato, feta and mint dressing, chicken breast with sweet potato mash and charred broccoli and a chewy chocolate brownie with raspberry coulis. As we worked our way through the meal the characters from our journey worked their way around the room. We questioned, probed and interrogated them as new clues and developments came to light.

That’s right, this Murder Mystery night is INTERACTIVE. You can actually be Benoit Blanc or Sherlock Holmes or Columbo or whatever detective inspires you. Pick your suspect and ask away. It makes for the most fun evening and it’s so exciting when the killer finally gets revealed.

The next Murder Mystery Dinner Experience ‘Murders at the Manor’ will be on April 1st 2023 at 6:30pm. The ‘Agatha Christie’ inspired murder mystery dinner experience will be based in 1939 where someone has recently died and left the village a lot of money in the will. What could possibly go wrong??

For tickets to the next dinner, please visit

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 150 North Tce, Adelaide


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