Stax Burger Co. – Golden Grove

If there’s anything Adelaide is known for, it’s the number of burger businesses that exist in this state. The number one burger joint according to the Adelaide Burger Lovers Facebook group, which has a community of 14,500 members, is Stax Burger Co.

Stax Burger Co. have recently opened their second store in the heart of Golden Grove. Owner, Zaynn Bird has visions for each of his stores, and while this second store looks nothing like the first one, it is the coolest place you will walk into!

Like the other stores within the complex, there are two entrances into the Golden Grove venue. To what is best described as a dark industrial vibe, you are greeted by a sea of black and yellow as you walk through the main entrance. Booths surround a communal table that runs through the centre of the room. Cages separate the booths on one side, while there is a slightly more open feel on the other.

Stax Burger Co. are known for the delicious and Instagrammable burgers, and that’s exactly what you get at the Golden Grove store. In fact, the menu is exactly the same.

Sitting on the right side of their counter is a MixD drink machine. It looks like a computerised drink dispenser with a air conditioning unit on top. With only two of these machines in Australia, this state-of-the-art MixD drink machine offers up to 200 possible drink combinations.

The fit out of the Golden Grove store is impressive and worth visiting just to see it alone. Zaynn has done amazing work building the Stax brand, and it’s good to see them go from strength to strength in the competitive burger scene.

Stax Burger Co. Golden Grove is open from 11am-9pm everyday.

WHERE: 2/1 Aeolian Drive, Golden Grove


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