Robern Menz – Violet Crumble Caramel Milk

Following the successful launch of Violet Crumble Milk last year, the iconic chocolate brand is back with an iconic new flavoured milk sure to get Aussies sipping, Violet Crumble Caramel Milk.

Research commissioned by Violet Crumble revealed 70% of Aussies feel that white caramelised chocolate is one of the most iconic flavours of the past decade, with one in three Aussies eager for a honeycomb and chocolate flavoured milk.

Living up to the research, Violet Crumble have delivered the best of both worlds, with Violet Crumble Caramel Milk allowing customers to shatter two cravings at once by combining the flavours of legendary, golden honeycomb with a creamy caramel flavoured white choc, splattered with milk. The new milk flavour blend is also Violet Crumble’s second collaboration with Australian beverage producer, Bickford’s.

“The frenzy we saw last year from our taste-bud shattering Violet Crumble Milk was overwhelming, so we knew our next milk drink needed to take the flavour combinations to another level,” said Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz.

“Having seen the success of brand collaborations firsthand with the launch of our Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb Milk, we had no doubt that we wanted to continue to increase value to the consumer and enhance the brand experience by releasing Violet Crumble Caramel Honeycomb Milk” said Amelia Wright, Brand Manager at Bickford’s.

“We just knew that turning our honeycomb and creamy caramel flavoured white choc into liquid form would give customers a product that would become legendary, not just now but for future decades to come. Our new Violet Crumble Caramel Milk is the refreshing flavoured milk Aussies didn’t know they needed, but after the year we’ve had, is tipped to be the milk they will want to get their hands on.”

Robern Menz continues to innovate with products, including a viral 6kg easter egg that flew off shelves at Easter time, and Violet Crumble Nuggets, Violet Crumble Golden Gaytime ice-cream and crumb toppings just some of the iterations of the brand since taking ownership and bringing the product back to Australian production in 2018.

Aussie fans who are keen to wrap their mouths around the Violet Crumble Caramel Milk can head to Coles Express, Ampol and local Independent Supermarkets or online via Sippify, nationally from 25th October to purchase the new flavour for RRP $4.50.

South Australian’s can grab one (or two) now from OTR and The FruChocs Shops at Glynde, McLaren Vale and Hahndorf.


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