Busan Baby – Spring Menu 2021

Back to our all-time favourite, Busan Baby to try the new spring menu items on their amazing Korean menu. We are always impressed with the food that they serve, including their Korean wine and sweet cocktails. If you love Korean food then Busan Baby is a must try restaurant.

Crispy Eggplant with Spicy Ginger
One of my favourite things to eat at an Asian restaurant is crispy eggplant so I was super excited to try this menu item. The vegetable was covered in a spicy, sticky ginger sauce and complimented the soft inside of the eggplant. A great dish to have as a starter to share.

Pork and Sweet Potato Noodle Mandoo
I loved this Korean dumpling combination as it’s something I have not seen before. The classic pork dumpling was a great pick, but adding the addition of the sweet potato helped to give the pocket some sweetness. The dumpling was nestled in a light but sweet sauce and complimented the pork and potato noodle.

Seafood Spring Onion Pancake
I have never been a fan of Korean pancakes, but this was the best one I have tried. The seafood was super fresh with chunky bits scattered throughout the pancake. I loved being able to bite into the batter and big bits of prawn circulating my mouth. One of my favourite dishes of the night and one I would certainly order again.

Crispy Prawn with Chilli Garlic Crumb
A great little starter that we couldn’t stop eating. The garlic crumb had a great texture coating the sweet prawn. The prawns were juicy and went well with the chilli garlic crumb.

Pork Ribs Steamed
How good are pork ribs though? I have never seen them done in this style before. Covering the steamed ribs was a thick coating of batter. I really loved the side salad that came with these ribs, a Vietnamese style with strong balsamic flavours.

Beef Tenderloin Chilli Stir-fry
This dish had a chilli kick for sure, and isn’t for the faint hearted. The beef was super tender and complimented the vast array of vegetables. You felt like you were doing something good to your body by eating this dish.

Squid and Pork Dry Hot Pot
This was a super inventive and delicious dish. I love hot pot it is one of my new favourite things to eat. The combination of a light soup and the water from the bean sprouts helped to give this dry hot pot the moisture it needed. The squid and pork was a different combination but surprisingly worked superbly together.

Tender Pork, Spring Onion Gochujang Stir-fry
I have never been a huge fan of stir-fry but this had a good balance of vegetables and pork. The pork was super juicy and paired well with the other elements. The heat was bearable and the gochujang flavours radiated throughout the dish.

Thank you to the team at Busan Baby for having us. It is always a pleasure and we can’t want to come back.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 272 Morphett St, Adelaide


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