Hains & Co. – World Gin Day Turned Into Month-Long Celebration of Bombay Gin

For the team at Hains & Co. just one particular day isn’t enough to celebrate gin, so they’ve made June their Bombay Gin Month.

Whilst their chosen month coincides with World Gin Day on Saturday June 12, the 30 days will allow Adelaide’s premier gin bar, to provide a unique stamp on the popular beverage.

Using the full range of Bombay gin is something Hains & Co. Owner, Marcus ‘The Admiral’ Motteram, rates be- cause of the many and varied botanicals used in the make up of Bombay.

“For example, Bombay Sapphire Gin comes from a 260 year old recipe of ten key botanicals including almond, lemon peel and liquorice,” says Marcus. “Distilled in a specialist and rare Carter-Head Still, the gin offers itself up as the perfect creative canvas for cocktails.”

There are now four exclusive cocktails available for June at Hains & Co., each featuring one of the special gins produced by Bombay – Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Bramble, Star of Bombay and Bombay English Estate.

These will also be offered as four bespoke gin and tonics paired artfully with tonic and garnish for a rollercoaster botanical odyssey in your glass .

Specialising in gin suitable for all seasons, Hains & Co sees June as a month to help the people of Adelaide warm up to winter.

Marcus says the unique botanicals in any gin variety is worth celebrating any time of year.

“Hains & Co. believes a change in tonic and garnish can completely change the botanicals that shine in a gin, allowing us to create a chameleon of a G&T and able to suit any season,” Marcus says.

“Why not celebrate this in a month where you can cozy up but still appreciate some varied refreshing tastes?”

Hains & Co. has established itself in Adelaide’s bar scene as quirky for its nautical theme and provides distinctive offerings to patrons by taking hospitality seriously but not themselves, as they have a firm focus on making your night fun.

Outside of a large and carefully selected range of gins they also have tap beer and a wonderful range of whisky and cigars!

On World Gin Day the famous outdoor Gin & Tonic bar will be making its return to Hains & Co. as varied international gins will be on offer. Their famed Gin Bath will also make an appearance for those keen to get into the tub for a unique photograph on their evening out.

WHERE: 23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide


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