Palmer and Woolford

Following on from a successful tenancy at The Adelaide Central Market’s Producer in Residence stall, Palmer and Woolford have opened up a much larger cafe just around the corner in Central Market Arcade!

In conjunction with Renew Adelaide, Palmer and Woolford offer the best of British baking with traditional food from all parts of Britain. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or an afternoon tea snack you’re after, Palmer and Woodford have a large selection of pastries, both savoury and sweet.

We got to try a selection of their savoury baked goods. First up was the bacon and onion quiche which was beautifully creamy and full of flavour. The pastry was fine, really showcasing the centre filling.

Up next was a mini meat pie, and I could eat about 12 of them! They were so flavourful despite their size, with quality tasting beef inside – none of that fatty filler in frozen ones.

Last up was the homemade sausage roll which had a much puffier and flakier pastry than the previous two. This was the absolute highlight of the night for me! The meat inner was so soft and packed full of flavour, and the buttery crispy pastry was perfection. After eating all three we were asked if we wanted seconds to which I jumped at! So moreish!

Time to try some of their desserts. First dessert of the night was Treacle Tart, which interestingly doesn’t actually contain treacle. Instead it’s a combination of golden syrup, breadcrumbs and lemon juice. I’d never tried anything like it, it was quite sweet but the lemon twist offset it nicely. It’d be absolutely perfect with a cup of tea!

We then tried a Bakewell Tart – a fresh one is so much better than a premade one! The cherry and almond flavour came through very strongly, and a thick layer of icing topped it off. If you’re a sweet tooth then you’ll love this one!

Finally we tried the marble chocolate cheesecake. This was a chocolate overload! It was gooey and delicious and made me feel like a kid – so much glee from a sweet.

Palmer and Woolford offer dine in, takeaway and take home options. Their fridge cabinet features British goods such as Pork Pies, Black Pudding, and even Haggis! There’s certainly no doubt that Palmer and Woolford provides hearty and wholesome food, and it brings a special nostalgic joy for those who have moved across the pond.

Words and Images by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: Shop 44, Central Market Arcade, Adelaide


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