The Lost Deli – Dinner Sessions

Serving 100% plant-based food, The Lost Deli is one of Norwood’s hidden gems. Located on Charles Street in a renovated and charming heritage style building, The Lost Deli is mostly known for great coffee, their extensive dessert cabinet and tasty brunch options, however they have recently launched a dinner menu which is available exclusively on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We were fortunate enough to try the following dishes from their menu:

Corn Ribs

I have seen photos of corn ribs before but I’d never had the chance to try them…..and what a way to kick of the night! They were absolutely amazing and so fun to eat – no cutlery needed, pick them up by the hand and gnaw into them! The Macadamia Romesco was the perfect accompaniment to them, packed full of flavour. I could easily eat a bowl full of these.

Grilled Banana Blossom

This piqued my interest on the menu because I had absolutely no idea what to expect! When the dish came out I couldn’t believe what I was looking at – the look and texture is so similar to chicken or fish. A fascinating use of unexpected ingredients, the dish was finished with lemon myrtle aioli and crisp green apples.

Beetroot Tartare

Visually stunning for sure! The Lost Deli absolutely nailed the texture of this, so soft and pleasant. The smoked almond cream is a lovely touch and counteracts the natural sweetness of the beetroot beautifully. For me this dish lends itself to being shared, as the serve for a single person might be a tad beetroot heavy.

‘Beef Style’ Burger

There are a lot of plant-based beef burgers on the market now, but despite that I’d never tried one before. Well, now I don’t think I should bother trying any others…..because I don’t think any burger could be better than this! It blew us away with its convincing beef taste and the genius addition of blue cheese (plant-based, of course)! The caramelised onions were heavenly, and the generous side serving of herbed potatoes and fresh salad were literally mouthwatering.

Dirt(y) Inc Pearl White Peas

Of all the menu items this is one that jumped out at me and it absolutely did not disappoint! It was such a fragrant and fresh dish and possibly my favourite of the night! The cauliflower puree and the tomato sugo combined to make a beautifully creamy texture against the firmer white peas, and the aromatic rainbow cherry tomatoes really were the cherry (tomato) on top! The sugo also had pepperberries in it and this interesting native taste took the dish to the next level.

Baked Butternut Squash

A wholesome and delicious dish! Like the white peas, this dish perfectly offset the firmness of the chickpeas with the creaminess of the butternut squash. The saltbush and macadamia crunch was such a delicious addition, and the Macadamia Romesco was that similar delightful sauce that we enjoyed in the corn rib entrée.

Dark Forest

I was curious to taste a mousse made without milk or egg. I thought it might be gritty or tasteless, but what we enjoyed was a deliciously creamy and smooth mousse with a punch of flavour! The mousse was hands down one of the best I’ve tasted, but what sets this mousse apart is the use of native fruits that added a juicy tang and texture to the dish. The gorgeous connection to the earth is apparent in this dish in both appearance and taste.

Native Mess

A unique and delicious take on an Eton Mess, native style! This vanilla yoghurt cream celebrates the distinctive taste of native Australian berries and fruits macerated in Coriole Verjuice. The crunch of the Macadamia Praline added an enjoyable texture to complete the dish. I absolutely loved tasting flavours I’d never tried before!

It’s so refreshing to visit a place that opens you up to truly new experiences, and The Lost Deli’s adventurous and delicious dinner menu is sure ignite your eyes and mouth!

The Lost Deli is located on Charles Street in Norwood and is open from 8:30am-4pm from Monday to Friday, and for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 38 Charles St, Norwood


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