Adelaide Fringe 2021 – Michael Shafar – Three Course Comedy

So you’ve never seen a trio of comedians perform stand up in a converted shipping container in an open air venue that goes ahead rain, hail or shine? Well now’s the time to rectify that! Three Course Comedy features three comedians with unique personal stories and a plethora of clever jokes.

For ’appetizer’ was comedian Dane Simpson, a First Nations comedian with a humorous recollection of his childhood and many anecdotes about his socially awkward Dad. An absolute highlight of his set was Dane playing his ‘travel didgeridoo’ – a curled up and twisted didgeridoo that conveniently fits into carry on luggage. I never would have thought that you could comedically play a didgeridoo, but Dane sure managed it!

The ‘entrée’ was comedian Luke Benson, whose strong Newcastle accent and constant digs at his UK hometown had us laughing from the get-go. Now living in Melbourne, his jealousy of Adelaide’s relative easy with covid-19 was a great source of entertainment, and I think his Mother-In-Law joke was possible my favourite of the night.

The ‘main course’ was comedian Michael Shafar, and absolutely nothing was off limits with him. Race, religion, politics and even that scary c-word….cancer. As a cancer survivor Michael had a unique experience to share, and fortunately he was very, very keen to make fun of himself and his situation. From cancel culture to lactose intolerance, even democracy sausages – Michael covered a lot of ground always with a sarcastic and light-hearted approach. His discussion on wet markets sounding better than the term moist market was a particular point of hilarity.

As Michael mentioned, come and support comedians as much as you can – JobKeeper has lulled them into a false sense of security of what earning regular income is like!

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi


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