Mugen House

The best four words in the English language: All. You. Can. Eat. Add “Sushi” to that list and quite frankly, it couldn’t get any better.

Mugen House is no stranger to Adelaide’s culinary scene; forced like many businesses to close during lockdown, they’ve emerged from the other side more popular than ever. To coincide with the growing success and demand, they’ve launched a new menu for 2021.

Mugen, Japanese for infinite, does indeed offer an (almost-) infinite selection of Japanese favourites, ranging from the traditional Sashimi and Aburi, to more unique creations: Duck Confit Roll, Corn Tempura Nigiri, and Green Tea Panna Cotta.

$43 for over 65 menu items in a 90 minute sitting? You better believe we took up that challenge!

Beef Tataki
A sweeter version than other restaurants, these wafer-thin slices of beef were melt-in-your-mouth silk, beautifully contrasted against the crunchy red and spring onion topping.

Salmon Sashimi
Often a menu favourite, this simple dish highlighted the quality of their produce, particularly the freshness of their seafood.

Ceviche (King Fish and Scallop)
A well thought-out and presented dish, you can’t go wrong with either ceviche option; the Kingfish provides a meaty alternative, while the Scallop is juicy and sweet. Both work exceptionally well with the vinaigrette-like Ponzu dressing, red onion crunch, and the fresh burst of cherry tomato, needed to cut through the dish’s savouriness.

Gyoza (Chicken and Pork)
Umami and creamy mince fillings, wrapped within a fried dumpling casing, these savoury parcels were perfectly complemented by the piquant dressing, which introduced a contrast between flavours.

Chicken Karaage
The perfect vehicle to showcase their hugely impressive batter – succulent morsels of chicken encased within a crunch-tastic exterior, this is an absolute a sensory delight. And with a generous side of Kewpie, could life get any better!?

Chicken Wings
Echoing their perfect Karaage batter, these uber crunchy, generously sized chicken wings were presented with an interestingly tangy Japanese-take on thousand island sauce. A textural playground for the mouth.

Tempura Prawn
Akin to consuming a sophisticated Dagwood Dog – in the best possible way. Solidifying their impressive batter skills, the delicately sweet prawn flesh coated in an impressively light dough is served alongside an elegant Mirin, Sake and Soy Sauce dipping. One to enjoy with the hands.

Nigiri Raw (Salmon, Scallops, Snow Crab)
Always a menu favourite, these freshly-sliced meaty portions of salmon, and sweetly delicate scallop and snow crab pieces happily sat atop plump pillows of sweet sushi rice. Well balanced, fresh and light.

Nigiri Cooked (Aburi Salmon, Wagyu Beef)
Distinctly umami, the wagyu beef sings through, with the aburi salmon also a solid offering, as expected.

Nigiri Tempura (Corn Tempura, Tempura Vegetable)
Equally interesting dishes, these provided great textural contrast, suggestive of an Australasian-esque combination of corn and vegetable fritters on a bed of rice.

Rainbow Roll
As visually colourful as it was to eat, these were a cracking symphony for the mouth; a sweet crabmeat and mayo sushi roll, adorned with tuna or salmon and a curve of avocado atop, this is definitely one for the seafood lovers.

Duck Confit Roll
A truly unique creation, the duck and hoisin filling and dried shallot garnish screams “Peking Duck” – but in a sushi roll. Slow-cooked duck, enveloped within a swaddle of soft sushi rice, is texturally juxtaposed with crisp slices of sweet apple, iceberg lettuce and carrot. This is Asian fusion at its best.

Aburi Salmon Roll
Exploring the winning salmon and cream cheese combination, this is a note-worthy take on the traditional Aburi Salmon roll. The addition of lettuce augmented the pairing, to introduce a layer of crunch.

Green Tea Panna Cotta
Another successful display of Asian fusion, this is half Panna Cotta, half Jelly, with a Green Tea sugar topping. An interesting contrast between the creaminess of the Panna Cotta, and the firmer texture of the Jelly layering. A must for any Matcha-lover, and a must for Panna Cotta lovers.

Chocolate Mousse
AMAZING. Decadent, sweet, mouth-coating and marshmallow-y, this is a bowl of contradictions. Dense but light, chewy yet velvety – this is hands down the best chocolate mousse in Adelaide.

The ability to produce consistently solid dishes in an all you can eat setting is no mean feat. Somehow, Mugen House manages to pull it off. A warm and lovely dining experience.
Mugen House All You Can Eat is open for Dinner from 5pm, and for Lunch service 12-2.30pm on weekends.

Words by Anh Ngo

WHERE: 408 King William St, Adelaide


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