South Australian Distillery Bar – Tapas Menu

The South Australian Distillery Bar have launched their new tapas menu and it’s a banger! While they are still serving up their popular dining menu if you are in the mood quick eats you can head upstairs to their bar area and soak in the views overlooking the parklands for a few cheeky drinks.

The upstairs bar services all local gins, wines, vodkas and rums so it’s a purely South Australian affair. Owner Serge Ambrose is happy to show his collection of fine drinks.

All dishes are made in house by owner chef Elena Ambrose who adds in her magical European flair.

The menu is designed for sharing and there’s something for everyone to compliment any beverage.

A good tapas menu always has a type of meatball and the Smoked Albondigas are pretty good with that killer sweet spicy tomato sauce. Chicken Wings are another tapas favourite along with the Croquettes which were one of my top two picks.

From the Altai Mountains is the traditional Chebureki which a deep-fried pastry style dish with ground meat in spices and a pomegranate sauce is a good match with a bevvie or two!

My second favourite dish was the Siberian Pelmeni, a deep fried with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. It’s not a dumpling or ravioli but even though these are perfect to share, before you know it you will eat the whole plate on your own!

There other menu items are the Siberian Blini which is a Russian style crepe filled with truffled infused mushrooms, parmesan cheese and smoked sour cream. The ever-popular Wedges and something different is the Sosiski, a lean Alpaca meat sausage. Don’t squirm! This sausage was pretty damn tasty.

Also on the menu is the Garden Salad, a Meat and Cheese Platter and Kabanos, a beer stick made with alpaca meat.

Coming up to Fringe season they assure us that if you want a quick bite before a show, they can do a 10 minute tapas serving or if you’re in a rush get it in a takeaway box to go. If you want dinner and a show, the South Australian Distillery Bar and Siberia are a host venue so you can enjoy the new Tapas Bar Menu and watch one of the following Fringe shows; Cherry Farrow Hypnotist, Jukebox in Siberia Live Karaoke Band ($15 entry playing Saturday 27th Feb, Saturday 13th March & Friday 19th March), Late Nights in Siberia live music 10pm to 1am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

WHERE: 6 East Tce, Adelaide


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