Adelaide Wine Markets – Rose Rumble 2021

If you’ve read the last couple of these you would know that the Adelaide Wine Markets had taken a new format in recent months – forced by the big C. It was cool, but everyone was missing the old format. We’re social creatures after all. To my absolute surprise and delight, upon entering the doors to the wine markets last week, we were gifted with views of the long-missed setting of stalls around the market shed and people milling about. What a relief!

The Adelaide Wine Markets are held every couple of months at the Market Shed on Holland. Wine producers (as well as producers of beer, cider and spirits) from all over the state congregate and offer up their favourites for ticket holders to taste. Depending on your idea of fun, there are a couple of ways to approach the markets.

One approach is to walk around to a few of the stalls, chat with the vendors, swirl, sniff and taste the wine, spit it out, reflect on your thoughts, take notes and move on. Hopefully after this you’ve found a new favourite and leave with a case of it… An alternate approach is actually pretty similar the first but substituting the spittooning for swallowing. Add to this a goal of “we’re going to every single stall” and you and your friends are in for a wild ride.

The gals and I tried the second approach last week and it went… fairly well. We didn’t manage to get to all of the stalls because we’re responsible drinkers and had to try all of the food options on offer to appropriately line the stomach with carbs. That included two glorious pizzas from Fun2seeya Pizzeria, a spinach and cheese wonder from Ozzie Gozleme and a cannoli of course. Whilst we didn’t leave with a case of wine we did leave with four packs of Riot Wine Co Rose Spritz and a very sincere promise to stop by their Brompton Cannery! Ooft – what a discovery. This is the drink of summer and definitely my new favourite!

Hope to see y’all soon at the next market.

Words by Vanessa De Chellis


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