5NINES Distillery – Single Cask Whisky Range

Located within the Adelaide Hills, the 5NINES Distillery is a hidden gem, producing world-class whisky.

David Pearse and Steven Griguol are the founding duo behind 5Nines Distilling, who have just released a limited run of their very first Single Cask Whisky range.

For the last four years, Steven and David have been passionately crafting their whisky in a selection of premium bourbon and pinot casks for a unique flavour and finish that 5NINES can call their own. Variety, single malt, sacrificial wine tawny.

“It has been a highlight this year to finally bust open some of these casks, that we have been patiently waiting to mature. It’s exciting that they are finally ready and even more exciting that the bottles are flying off the shelves” says co-founder David Pearse.

The distillery is operated on a small scale which allows the team to carefully monitor the quality control of every aspect of the brewing, distilling and spirit maturation process. With a passion to support local and get to know their producers, the team source all produce from grain to peat from South Australian farmers and communities alike.

Co-founder Steven Griguol says, “Our single malt whisky is primarily made with locally
malted barley. Some then smoked with South Australian peat to bring a deeper flavour to the whisky.”

With demand on the rise, the 5NINES team have welcomed a new generation of whisky lovers and cult fans who are also looking to support local distilleries, whilst obtaining bragging rights with their collection of rare and unique whiskies.

Founded in 2016, the distillery was built from scratch. “With some help from our friends, we were able to design and build our own copper pot still. Our still has been designed specifically to give a unique one of a kind flavour profile to the whisky” says co-founder Steven Griguol.

Both founders have a diverse range of skills which complement each other in the building and running of the distillery. David has travelled the world and spent most of his working life in senior roles within the Information Technology sector. Steven owns a well-respected cabinetry business, working for many prestigious clients around Adelaide. He is also an artisan and creative in his own right, and is often commissioned to create robust sculptures from recycled materials.

The name 5Nines means something which is 99.999% perfect, this name was suggested by their branding team and friends at Black Squid design. David says, “We have coined the catchphrase ‘In search of perfection’, as we are always striving to do things better, always in search of that remaining detail to achieve perfection.”

For more information, visit www.5ninesdistilling.com


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