Sea Lounge

What a fabulous way to end 2020 by dining in at the newest Indian restaurant, Sea Lounge at the Marina Pier. This new addition is definitely a “must see” and something that everyone, especially all the locals have secretly been waiting for. A great Indian food feast by the water where the menu will have you spoilt for choice.

We were taken by surprise when they organised a Meat Platter to share. Very good value and especially great for those that come in a group and love to share & sample food among them. This Meat Platter included Malai Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Seesh Kebab, Kasturi Kebab, Tandoori Lamb Cutlets, Masala Steak, Coriander Chicken and fresh salad on the side with trio dips. Mint Yoghurt, Beetroot and Tamarind. I tell you what though, the meat is so tasty you don’t even really need the dips, although it is always exciting to dip in each one to see which one works best for you. I personally couldn’t pick one as they were all so delicious.

Our Naan Bread and rice arrived to accompany our curries. The size of the naan was massive. Almost as long as the size of the meat platter dish! So generous, we were very impressed.
We are now certain that nobody goes home hungry when dining in here.

Now for our curries. Farouk, the owner, explained to us what we were getting and he was very excited to let us know that we would absolutely love their food. Well, only one way to find out right?

Of course we would get some Butter Chicken. But little did I know that this would rival some of the best butter chicken in Adelaide. It was a delicious combination of flavours that had me wanting more. The thickness and the texture of the sauce was excellent. We don’t even need to elaborate on the taste because we know you will try it anyway. The chicken was cooked very well and tender. The sauce was marinated deep into the meat, making each and every bite as tasty as the last.

Lamb Rogan Josh is a traditional curry from Kashmir. Also very tasty and prepared with dry chillies and spices, this is one dish you cannot miss. I personally love to pair it with my basmati rice as it complement the rich flavour coming from this dish.

We also had the pleasure of trying Beef Vindaloo. We are all familiar that a Vindaloo dish is meant to be a spicy one. And yes, we definitely felt the kick from the spice in the back of our throat but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. Boasting such passionate flavours, your palate will get used to the heat and before you know it, you will find yourself on your last bite.

Our vegetarian dish was brought out and introduced to us as Dhal Makhni. This is always a favourite of mine when it comes to the vegetarian options. The black lentils and the kidney beans are mixed thoroughly and prepared very tenderly. Soaked and simmered overnight then flavoured with butter and cream.

This place gave me a thought. I always tell people that curries are better the next day. But in this case they are freshly prepared yet it tastes better than ever.

Thank you team at Sea Lounge for having us. It has been a challenging time for restaurants and small businesses to survive 2020, but once again we thrive. You opened your door just before Christmas and from the crowd we have seen on the Wednesday night we went, you have proven that with positive attitude and bringing your A game to the table, everything is possible. We will be back again.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: Shop 5/12 Marina Pier, Glenelg


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