Grill Academy – Last Minute Xmas Gift Idea

Xmas is almost here and we all have one – the person that seems to have everything or is just hard to buy for. This year, Weber has the answer in a gift you’re guaranteed to have not been able to give before – and that you’ll benefit from too.

The recently opened Weber Grill Academy has gift vouchers on offer – for those who love food, love to learn and love having fun.

A series of courses featuring every style of Weber barbecue – from iconic Weber Kettle to Australia’s favourite Weber Q series and the all new exciting Smokefire, the Weber Grill Academy can assist everyone (including vegetarians) enjoy and learn regardless of previous experience, the barbecue they own (or are yet to buy). Each class – for Weber owners (or not) is interactive and yes you get to feast on the food you’ve prepared afterward – washed down with a fab South Australian beer or wine from the full bar facilities on site.

Summer in Australia is all about barbecues and another upshot to this gift, is that once they’ve attended, barbecues at the recipient’s house will be the hottest ticket in town among friends and family. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Gift certificates to purchase on line (open ended for the class of their choice) and the current list of experiences is at

Schedules are being regularly updated and experiences are conveniently held on both weekends and weekday evenings. In addition to those listed below, new experiences are being added regularly including cooking with charcoal and vegetarian barbecuing.

Weber Q Favourites $159 (3 hours including dining time)

Featuring Australia’s favourite barbecue! This much loved, versatile barbecue is great for all levels of experience. Learn how easy it is to use the Q to its full capability, and surprise and delight your guests next time you are entertaining. Using Weber Q’s, discover how to smoke and roast chicken and vegetables, bake a zesty lemon coconut cake for dessert and use a range of our favourite Q accessories throughout this experience.

Barbecue Classics 1 $189 (4 hours including dining time)

Prepare to dine – a five course menu comprising a collection of the most popular and loved recipes cooked across a range of Weber barbecues. Ideal for those new to barbecuing or looking for a solid foundation from which to build. Learn techniques to roast crunch pork crackling, bake chocolate brownies, fire roast pizzas and more. This hands-on class will have you cooking on gas, charcoal and electric barbecues.

Experience Smokefire $159 (3 hours including dining time)

Discover the difference in this specialty wood fired cooking experience, designed to introduce the newest barbecue in the Weber range, SmokeFire. With a 95C-315C temperature range, SmokeFire has the versatility to sear the ultimate steak, smoke low and slow, fire roast dessert pizza and everything in between. This specialised barbecue experience features the wood pellet fuelled SmokeFire range, and uses the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, assisting each cook for a perfect result

The Weber Grill Academy barbecue experiences are designed and will be adjusted accordingly when necessary, to meet the SA Health COVID-19 requirements of the day with contactless sign in and tracing, social distancing adherence and sanitising facilities on hand.


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