Burger Inc.

Burger Inc. is one week old today, and the only proper way to celebrate is to eat far too many burgers. Located at on Unley Road, Burger Inc. will be providing Adelaide with all our favourite American style meats and treats. Inspired by the many burgers and fries they have eaten during their international travels, Johnny Chaptini and his wife decided it was time for them to give burger making a go and Burger Inc. was born!

The venue has a real industrial theme, with open brick walls and a black roof. The bar is made from recycled wood and the bar frame is built with faux pipes, giving the feeling of a proper, industrial setting. The black chairs and wooden tables are rimmed with orange and red metal, adding a pop of colour along with the red neon sign proclaiming the name of the restaurant. Hip-hop music plays in the background, making this place feel like the sort of cool, underground venue you’d enjoy some burgers and beers in with your mates.

We kicked back and enjoyed a couple of milkshakes before starting our meals. Freshly made and thick with ice cream, the shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, milo and cookies. They were so delicious we slurped them down before our food had even arrived!

As you can tell by the name, Burger Inc.’s main sell is burgers. There are a range of beef burgers, chicken burgers, and even vegan burgers for your whole squad to enjoy. We tried the Signature Double, a burger loaded with two beef patties, two loads of American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and Inc. sauce. This epic burger is sure to sate even the biggest appetite, with it’s two juicy and well-seasoned beef patties. The bacon is perfectly crispy, and gives a great crunch to contrast the fluffy burger bun. American cheese and Inc. sauce makes this burger just like your traditional American cheeseburger, but with a whole load more goodness to go around.

The Hot Chook consists of buttermilk fried chicken, American cheese, slaw, jalapeños, pickles, sriracha and mayo. This burger packs a punch with its spicy jalapeños and sriracha sauce, yet the deliciously cool and crisp slaw and mayo help soak up some of the spice to make a mouthwatering combination. The succulent chicken is buttermilk fried, giving it a delicious and crispy skin.

We also tried the Veg Out, a vegan burger with a plant-based beef-style patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, vegan mayo and ketchup. Biting into this burger it was hard to believe that it was entirely vegan! The patty was succulent and flavoursome, and the vegan mayo and cheese was creamy and authentic. The Veg Out will definitely be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike as it tastes just like your typical American cheeseburger, without the animal products.

Burger Inc. also offers a huge range of delicious sides and snacks to go alongside your meal. We splurged on some onion rings, sweet potato fries and buffalo wings. The Onion Rings at Burger Inc. are made with brown onion, giving them a mild sweetness with the onions becoming semi-caramelised in the batter. The batter is crisp and light, meaning you can devour these delicious treats without being weighed down.

The Sweet Potato Fries are thick cut and delicious. Lightly salted and semi-sweet, these fries are the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Burger Inc. has perfected their Buffalo Wings so they taste just like your traditional American style wings. A semi-spicy and somewhat tangy sauce made with cayenne pepper-based hot sauce, butter, vinegar and seasonings perfectly coats the succulent chicken wings. Another great side to indulge in at Burger Inc. are the loaded fries. We had the Chilli Loaded, jalapeños, onion, cheese sauce, sriracha and Inc. sauce on shoestring fries is the perfect side to any meal and carries a heck of a kick!

If you’re not feeling a burger and fries, you can always grab a hotdog or chicken schnitzel. The Chicken Schnitzel is succulent and juicy, with a light coating of herbed breadcrumbs. It comes with fries and thick, smokey gravy. The Inc. Dog comes topped with onion rings, American cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and mayo. The BBQ sauce is decadent and smokey, and mixes beautifully with the cool mayo. The crisp onion rings add a crunchy companion and gives great texture to this delicious hotdog.

For dessert, we indulged ourselves with Hot Jam Donuts and NY Cheesecake. Hot Jam Donuts are always delicious, and they’re no exception at Burger Inc.. The donuts have a delicious crisp outside which is coated in cinnamon, and the gooey donut is filled with a sweet raspberry jam. Be sure to devour these while they’re hot and fresh! The NY Cheesecake at Burger Inc. is absolutely phenomenal. The cheesecake essentially has three layers: a thin cream cheese on top which works as a sweet and silky icing; the thick and rich baked cheesecake, and the cookie crumb base. With rich vanilla flavours, this decadent treat is sure to make any mouth water.

Burger Inc. is in the final stages of attaining their liquor license, so it won’t be long until a range of local and imported beers and ciders will be available, making this venue a hotspot for a late night dinner with your mates.

Burger Inc. is a great new venue on the Adelaide burger scene, and is already bringing in crowds of burger lovers. It’s the perfect place for some delicious takeaway or somewhere to hang out with your mates. And maybe if you’re looking to visit America, why not stop by Burger Inc. instead? The food is decadent and delicious, and the trip isn’t half as long!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 111 Unley Rd, Unley


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