Adelaide Wine Markets – Grenache Fest 2020

Vin. Vino. Wine. Grape Juice. Blood of Christ. That Stuff that Stains.

The 14th of November rolled around, the tables were set, the fairy lights lit and the Adelaide Wine MarketsGrenache Fest were open. Our table of five was treated to two delectable cheese boxes, some sweetly stamped italian crystal glassware and our very own germ free pen.

If you haven’t been to a wine market before… honestly, what are you waiting for!? They’re held every two to three months and are a great opportunity to bond with your amigos, make some new ones and ride the light headed wave to walking home with a bottle of something delicious.

Usually, the markets involve a lineup of South Australian wine producers standing behind their decorated stalls offering tastings of their hand crafts. In the COVID era, the format has been flipped and with the ringing of a bell a fresh face or two stop by the table to host an informal tasting. Along with nips of their whites to reds they’ll share tid bits of the wine making process. The two dudes from Blewitt Springs Wine Co taught us about why different bubbles have different bubbles. Rollick Wines taught us that it is not possible to stay hydrated on only wine but it is possible to drink through a boot full of the red stuff. Grounded Cru did that amazing act of introducing a delightful white (their pinot gris). Thistledown spoke to us in a Scottish accent and consequently all of the wine was delish.

We’ve already marked the next one in our calendars. See you there on January 16!

Words by Vanessa De Chellis


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