Seoul Sweetie

We have been waiting to experience this delicious dessert “hang out” which is found in the heart of Chinatown. Seoul Sweetie opened its doors not even a year after our beloved Korean restaurant Busan Baby (their sister cafe) opened their doors to the public.

Seoul Sweetie brought in a pastry chef from Melbourne who decided to move to Adelaide in favour of the laid-back lifestyle for both her and her kid. She has a lot of experience under her belt and she nailed this dessert list. Just a little heads up, it is very hard to choose just one dessert. Lucky for us though, we got to taste every single one of them!

Bingsu – we are always in need of Bingsu. Besides being so refreshing and addictive when the ice slowly melts in your mouth, it is also exciting to see the different flavours and toppings available. Seoul Sweetie offers two flavours. Mango and Black Milk Tea.

I am always a sucker for mango. So when this came out I had my heart set to eat it straight away. It comes with mango coconut jelly, lychee popping pearls, milk snowflake and of course generous fresh mango on top! So creamy, delicious and sweet. Their Black Milk Tea Bingsu comes with black milk tea snowflake, oreo crumbs, black milk tea ice cream on top and boba pearls. This is perfect for someone who isn’t a big fan of fruity flavours. The texture of oreo crumbs compliment the soft ice cream really well and the flavours work well together as the oreo crumbs give that extra sweet lift. They also have Black Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream. These come in a tall glass so you don’t have to worry about the mess (although you will eat it so fast that it will probably be gone before it melts) yes it is that good.

We also tried their ‘Croiffle‘ or Croissant Waffle. Move over cronut, because Croiffle is the new kid on the block. It looked exactly like a waffle when it first came out but once you bite into it or cut them up, you see the texture of croissant. Yes, mind blowing indeed. They are fluffy, soft and must be eaten warm for the best experience. Of course we got both flavours; Matcha Ice Cream, Red Bean Paste, Strawberry. The matcha game was strong, so is the red bean paste. All the flavours are great together, we love the added fresh strawberries because they are refreshing and give a subtle sour flavour, perfect for those that don’t really have a sweet tooth.

However, for those that enjoy the sweeter things in life, they offer the White Chocolate and Blueberries flavour. With whipped white chocolate ganache, almond and blueberry compote, we thoroughly enjoyed this one. This type of dessert needs to be eaten with a bit of each ingredient on your fork all at once and let the flavours dance in your mouth.

Moving on to Tropical Chocolate Forest. Behold, dessert lovers. You will be stunned by the appearance of this gorgeous dessert. So chocolatey, velvety and prepared at a Masterchef quality that Reynold Poernomo would be proud of. There was a mushroom looking meringue. It looked exactly like a button mushroom, almost too cute to bite! Pandan crumbs, chocolate soil and frozen passionfruit curd on top to complement the chocolate mousse. Oh we loved this one. The texture of the “soil” with the mousse and the curd worked so well. Then add the pandan crumbs and mushroom meringue and you get a whole new flavour of awesome.

Cremosa Earl Grey – Earl grey tiramisu with Earl Grey ice cream, boba pearls, and cocoa taro meringue. Because it is using Earl Grey, the flavour isn’t as strong as the usual tiramisu you are used to. If you love tiramisu but don’t like the strong coffee or liquor flavour, you should definitely try this one and you might be blown away, I know we were!

Strawberry Pink Pond – this is apparently the most beautiful dessert on the menu. And it is panna cotta, which happens to be my favourite. Also quoted from the host that this is the most popular. Without further ado, I had a spoonful and it did not disappoint. With a presentation that reminds Eyre Peninsula’s pink beach (but way prettier) this panna cotta is accompanied by strawberry umeshu sorbet, strawberry chiffon cake, raspberry meringue, whipped cream cheese, and white chocolate ganache. Fabulous. Again, another dessert that needs to be mixed to get that full experience in your mouth.

Grapefruit Honey Marble – I am saving this one for last because hello cheesecake. We were absolutely taken back by how amazing the cheesecake is. With black sesame flavour, they created a marble looking cheese cake to make it look classy. Granola honey cookie crumb, homemade honey combs and grapefruit compote on top. Oh my, like an amazing explosion in my mouth! This is hands down one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. We just couldn’t get enough. So light yet still dense, the honeycomb which is made in house is also perfect. The grapefruit adds a little “wake up call” but in a very good way. We would definitely order this again when we come back.

We were also treated with the Dalgona. The Korean whipped frothy drink that got popularised again at the beginning of this year. This drink is serious business and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Bonus point for Seoul Sweetie because not only do they offer Dalgona Coffee, but they also do Matcha and Strawberry (iced or hot). Yay for caffeine free Dalgona!

Being right next door to Busan Baby, we are confident that this place will be packed every night. The concept of having dinner at Busan Baby then a short 2 metre walk to Seoul Sweetie for delicious desserts is just a win win. Just make sure you book in advance as seating is limited.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 270 Morphett St, Adelaide


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