Robern Menz X Bickford’s – Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb Milk

The rumours are true… South Australian producers, Robern Menz and Bickford’s, have collaborated to transform one of Australia’s most iconic chocolate bars into a 500mL flavoured milk.

107 years in the making, Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb Flavoured Milk will be hitting shelves across Australia from this week, available nationally in Coles Express, Caltex stores, Drakes, IGA. Romeo’s and Foodland supermarkets across South Australia.

After a leaked photo of the drink sent fans into a frenzy in August, consumers have been begging for more details on if, when and where, the drink would be available.

“We are thrilled to confirm that we have collaborated with Bickford’s to launch the only nationally available chocolate honeycomb flavoured milk in Australia,” says Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz.

“Violet Crumble is an iconic Australian brand and flavoured milk is part of Australian pastime, so we knew that chocolate, honeycomb and milk would make sense.”

Recent research commissioned by Violet Crumble uncovered that one in three Aussies have been eagerly waiting for the release of a chocolate honeycomb milk.

Roy Morgan also revealed that people in South Australia and Northern Territory are the largest consumers of flavoured milk and iced coffee at 20 litres per year — almost double the national average. South Australia is also the only place where sales of flavoured milk outstrip those of Coca-Cola.

“We know the demand for flavoured milk is there, especially in South Australia, and the positive feedback we have received already has proved this is going to be a big hit,” Sims continued.

With Violet Crumble the inspiration behind the delicious choc-honeycomb flavour combination, Bickford’s will manufacture the eagerly awaited beverage at their Salisbury South facility using milk sourced from another local icon, Golden North.

“As an independently owned beverage manufacturer, we’re proud to be partnering with iconic South Australian businesses, Robern Menz and Golden North dairy to bring to life the Violet Crumble Milk across Australia. There has been huge interest from our customer base already and we are buoyant on the potential of this collaboration” said Chris Illman, Bickford’s Group Marketing Manager.

Incredible things happen when brands collaborate with Violet Crumble. Last year, fans went crazy when Golden Gaytime launched a Violet Crumble Ice Cream and Krispy Kreme has recently created two Violet Crumble doughnuts.

Fans of the iconic chocolate bar will be able to get their eager hands on the Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb Flavoured Milk drink from Coles Express, Caltex, Drakes, IGA, Foodland, Romeo’s, The FruChocs Shops and Bickford’s online store, Sippify.


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