Oriental House

Oriental House, located in Firle and Glenunga, is your one stop shop for all the most delicious Chinese and Thai delicacies. From soup to chicken, lamb, duck, beef, seafood, pork, vegetables, noodles, curries and rice, there is something for every Asian food lover.

We tried a large range of their authentic dishes. It is safe to say we left with incredibly full stomachs.

Satay Chicken Skewers –  diced marinated chicken with peanut satay sauce.
Chicken satay is usually an all time favourite, and an Asian restaurant must have. The sliced and skewered chicken meat was marinated with a creamy topping of peanuts and chilli sauce, and is a flavour we all know too well.

Peking Duck Wraps – roast duck, cucumber and spring onion in hoisin sauce.
One of my favourite things to order, as I love hoisin sauce. The combination of the soft duck went perfectly with the crunchy cucumber and strong hoisin sauce. Coating a delicate wrap around these condiments made it a dish to remember.

Steamed Pork Belly Buns – soft steamed buns with slow braised pork belly.
Pork buns are really some of the best foods invented. Slow braised pork belly meant the meat was incredibly soft and pulled off. The soft buns worked well with the beautiful pork covering the meat with a thick, tasty sauce.

Beijing Shallot Pancakes – deep fried and served with Kikkoman soy sauce.
I have never been one to enjoy a shallot pancake, but Oriental House changed my mind about this. The combination of the soft and crunchy outer worked well with the light and subtle shallots mixed throughout the pastry. The hearty Kikkoman sauce was the salty addition that topped off the dish.

Sesame Prawn Cheese Toast – prawn fillings, cheese, bread and Sesame.
This was a really fun and tasty dish. The crunchy prawn toast worked perfectly with the creamy, cheesy inner and fresh prawn. The topping of sesame gave the dish an extra element of flavour. I loved this combination and I would order this again.

Chicken Sang Choi Bao – chicken mince and bamboo served with lettuce leaf.
There is something about this dish that always makes me feel satisfied and healthy after eating it. Must be the crispy lettuce cup right? The light chicken mince was marinated with some of the finest and saltiest sauces, combined with bamboo and served in a refreshing lettuce leaf cup. A great dish to share as an entrée.

Grandma’s Quail – marinated quail with garlic and chilli.
My favourite meal on the menu. Sometimes quail can be quite underwhelming as there is not much meat on the bird. Grandmas quail was meaty and coated with a very strong garlic and chilli sauce. All the flavours were complimentary and I wouldn’t mind asking Grandma how she went about this dish.

Lychee Duck Curry – roast duck breast, lychee, pineapple and basil lime leaf
A mixture of spice, sugar and a bright orange curry sauce. The lycée and pineapple is what makes this curry so different to the rest. The sweet addition adds a fragrant element to the sauce, which pairs perfectly with the spicy chilli and gamey duck.

Special Fried Rice – shrimp, corn, sausage, carrot and egg.
You can’t go wrong with a side of special fried rice, and when done well it truly hits the spot. There was the perfect amount of condiments mixed throughout the well cooked rice and yellow egg. I loved pairing this with the lychee duck curry, complimenting each other in a special way.

Crispy Sesame Beef – crispy beef and fresh chilli.
When done well, crispy sesame beef really hits the spot. I loved the crispy coating which almost can be considered a bar snack with the size and texture of the beef. You can’t go without chilli in most Asian style dishes, so this was a well needed addition.

Honey Chicken – deep fried chicken tenderloins in honey sauce.
You can’t go to an Asian restaurant without trying the deadly honey chicken right? The combination of sweet honey coated all over deep fried chicken is some of the best flavours imaginable. A heart attack on a plate, but certainly worth it.

Pad Thai Noodles
What would a Thai restaurant be without its Pad Thai? My favourite part of this dish was the addition of the fresh chilli on the side. I am starting to really enjoy chilli and the fresh flakes gave the noodles some extra flavour. But we can’t forget about the star of the dish, the creamy peanut sauce, delicious and nourishing.

Green Seafood Dumplings – steamed prawn, scallops, squid, fish and bamboo shoot.
I am a sucker for a good succulent dumpling. I enjoyed how these bad boys were nestled in a light soup of soy sauce coating the dumplings with salty goodness. The combination of the fantastic seafood’s, prawn and scallop’s were a great choice.

Thank you to the team at Oriental House for having us a long to try some great dishes from your menu.

Words by Tomika Salerno


203-205 Glynburn Rd, Firle

5/563 Portrush Rd, Glenunga


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