Pepe Nero

Who would have thought Pepe Nero, a small take away shop located in Saint Clair would bring so much joy to the people of the area. Lines out the door, phones ringing and a busy kitchen shows just how popular this shop full of burgers, pizza, risotto, calzone, pasta, salads and dessert really is.

We were lucky to sample a range of dishes from their extensive menu. They do it all, and they do it well.

Spaghetti Putanesca – anchovies, fresh tomato, capers, garlic, olives, chilli in a napolitana sauce.

I am never really one to order pasta from a takeaway shop, I do have a Nonna, so I am used to the best of the best. I was pleasantly surprised with this putanesca pasta sauce. The salty capers and anchovies worked well with the beautiful Italian style sauce. The addition of the chilli is a must in putanesca and the chef used a perfect amount to compliment the dish.

Supreme Pizza – the lot

Are you ready for one of the most fully loaded pizza you have ever come across? When they mean ‘THE LOT’ they certainly mean everything you can imagine. From prawns to capsicum, salami, mushrooms, olives and all the other delicious toppings you can think of, this pizza is a hit.

Prosciutto Pizza –  cheese, bocconcini, prosciutto, feta cheese, fresh tomato, rocket and sauce.

Another fully loaded pizza with some of my favourite toppings. I have a bit of a crush on rocket and prosciutto, so having it on a pizza is the best. The addition of the feta cheese gave it a little bit of a salty edge and paired well with the other elements.

Chicken Risotto – chicken, mushroom, sundried tomato, roast capsicum in rose sauce

I have never been one to order risotto, it is not one of my first choices, but I am glad I tried Pepe Nero’s take on the dish. The rose sauce was creamy, but it did not feel incredibly heavy after consumption, which is a huge plus. The sundried tomato’s and capsicum worked perfectly with the chicken and mushroom combination. A great Italian dish that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nero Parmigiana – breaded chicken topped with melted cheese and slathered with Pepe Nero’s special sauce served with chips and salad.

This dish is what brings the lines out of Pepe Nero’s door. This incredibly large, delicious and crispy bird is a dish to remember. I would be incredibly impressed if you could consume this whole chicken on your own, as it is bigger than my head. The chicken is incredibly juicy and works well with Pepe Nero’s secret, special sauce, tasting like a combination of mushroom and dianne. The chips are coated with chicken salt and as crispy as they get.

Beef Burger – homemade beef patty with pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion, American cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise

You can’t go to a takeaway shop without trying their classic beef burger. I love the combination of the sour pickles, in conjunction with the creamy American cheese. The meaty beef patty was cooked well and helped to bring all the flavours together. The addition of the salad helped give the burger the fresh burst that it needed.

Chicken Wings and Ribs with BBQ sauce
We all know how good wings and ribs can be when they are done well. The thick and juicy BBQ sauce slathered over the soft and delicate chicken and beef were a combination to remember. Great for a side dish to share with friends and family.

Peanut Butter Blast – peanut butter, crusted Oreo’s and Reese’s pieces
What a perfect way to end this huge and filling feast, with a giant pastry filled with all my favourite goodies. Peanut butter is to die for and a combination with Oreo’s is a death row dish. The crisp pastry tied all the sweet flavours together and formed a party in the mouth.

Thank you to the team at Pepe Nero for having us along to try their awesome menu. A great take away shop for locals to gain all their cheat meal necessities.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 1/553 Torrens Rd, St Clair


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