Adelaide Wine Markets – September 2020

It’s been a strange year, that’s for sure. Some aspects of life took a bit of a dive (cuts in the bank account, dry hands and way way less eating out) whilst others soared (heaps more time spent home cuddling the cat, perfecting banana bread). Whilst we missed the May edition of the Adelaide Wine Markets (the dive) the September edition was amazing (it soared).

Big ups to the organisers for putting their thinking caps on and running an event that met current state restrictions without sacrificing any of the fun. The Market Shed on Holland was lined with dozens of tables, each place set with a stamped glass, a menu of winemakers and their tastings for the evening, a pair of tongs and a gorgeous grazing box to share.

At the jingle of a bell, the fun began. First to our table was Peter from Rock of Wisdom; a sleepless fellow with great energy and four bottles for us to try. Sip chit sip chat sip sip. Jingle! Along came the well travelled Andrew from Artis Wines with four more bottles to try. Jingle. The very well prepared duo from Dewey Station Wines with four more to try. Jingle. The big bad wolf from Lost Wolf Wine Co. Jingle. We were well and truly cruising by the time George’s Folly came to the table. We each bought a bottle of the Montepulciano Nero D’Avola because the taste was groovy and the label had a cute piggie on it.

Perhaps it was my newfound appreciation for the seated position, the fact that this was the first group drinking/ bonding experience since March, the great company, my general decreased tolerance to the vino or… all of the above that made the event so enjoyable. Whatever it was, I can’t wait to be back for the Grenache Fest on November 14. See you there!!

Words by Vanessa De Chellis


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