Lukoumades – Spring Menu 2020

With the weather warming up and Spring just getting started there is no time like the present to tuck into the desserts that make these hot days memorable. Lukoumades are looking to head into Spring running with some new menu additions to really get excited about.

Lukoumades has established itself as a premier place for desserts full of authentic Greek recipes. Lead by their name sake the Lukoumades doughnuts, the honey infused light and fluffy doughnuts that have made Lukoumades an SA favourite. To celebrate the oncoming of Spring Lukoumades have put on a fiesta of sweets.

The piece de resistance of the Spring Menu is the new Fondue platters with the Overloaded, Vegan or the Ultimate options if you’re feeling adventurous. The Ultimate Fondue consists of a combination of Lukomades, Belgian Waffle pieces, Cheesecake pieces, Baklava pieces, Donut Fries, Marshmallows, Fresh Strawberries and Sliced Bananas. Served with melted Nutella, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Peanut Butter. The Ultimate is a challenge of the best kind. A delight from your first bite to your last.

Also added to Spring Menu are the Cherry Ripe Loaded Lukoumades with melted Dark Chocolate, Cherry Jam, Shredded Coconut served with Coconut Gelato. Added to their Loaded Thickshakes selection is the S’Mores shake, a Choc Vanilla Thickshake served in a Milk Chocolate and Crushed Biscuit coated cup. Whipped cream dusted in Biscuit Crumbs, topped with a Golden Gaytime Ice Cream and a Caramalised Lotus Biscuit. Other new additions to the menu includes the Lemon and Sugar Lukoumades and the Lotus Biscoff Slice among others. One of the most surprising additions to the menu is also the simplest. The Lukoumades Donut Fries is a lovely addition to the menu. Using the same recipe as their Lukoumades but stretched out into a long fries creating a delicious and addictive item. The kind where you always say to yourself, ‘Just one more.’.

The cold weather in SA is starting to turn a corner and Lukoumades and going big to mark the occasion. Whether you just want a serve of your favourite Lukoumades that they’re known for or if you want to go all out on a Fondue feast to share with good company, Lukoumades has you covered. Check out the new Spring Menu available now.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin



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