Siberia – Dinner 4

In pride of place along the city’s east side, Siberia Restaurant and Bar is Adelaide’s best new thing. Boasting an all-day menu with ample vegan and vegetarian options, this European inspired eatery is bound to please. While the restaurant focuses on providing patrons a taste of authentic European cuisine, the upstairs bar is an alcohol connoisseur’s dream, showcasing an array of locally sourced beer, wine and spirits. Whatever the occasion, be it a laidback Saturday brunch or Sunday afternoon drinks, this is the place to be.


Corazon in a Cherry Juniper Bath
Afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Well if you have a change of heart, this dish is a must try. Cooked to perfection, this beautifully tender heart was a paired with a tangy cherry juniper sauce, creating harmony between sweet and savoury. Don’t let the name put you off, this dish truly is a work of heart.

Blue Boat
Cherry tomatoes, wild mushrooms, leek and roast eggplant – this entrée combines all the best parts of vegetarian cuisine. Building on the caramelised flavours of the roast veggies, the dish was well seasoned with forest herbs, salt and pepper. Tossed together with a generous splash of black truffle oil, and a sprinkling of truffle infused parmigiana, this was both light and indulgent.


Mushroom Crepes
Paired with a rich truffle infused parmesan sour cream, these porcini mushroom filled crepes were simply divine. The crepes themselves were light and fluffy, which contrasted the decadent truffle cream. With a side of garden vegetables, this well rounded dish is yet another fantastic vegetarian option.

Crepes with a Mix of Wild Meats
If you thought the mushroom crepes sounded good, then this surely will not disappoint. Enveloped in the same fluffy casing, these wild meat crepes were filled with beautifully seasoned pork and beef mince. Served with a side of cherry tomatoes and a peppery Madeira sauce, this was yet another example of a flavourfully and texturally harmonious dish.


Crepes with Chantilly Cream and Wild Berries
For those who prefer sweet crepes over savoury, this one’s for you. Taken to the next level with a tangy berry coulis, a velvety Chantilly cream, and a dusting of icing sugar, these thin French style crepes simply melt in the mouth. A refined take on a simple classic, this subtly sweet dessert is the perfect end to any meal.

Magic Carpet Chocolate Pony Mousse
Chocolate and beer… a match made in heaven? Well, with this unique take on chocolate mousse that might just be the case. Soaked in Prancing Pony’s Magic Carpet Ride Stout, the brownie base took on a slightly more savoury taste, helping to offset the sweet and decadent chocolate mousse. Topped with a zesty citrus foam and garnished with fresh strawberries, this decadent concoction tasted even better than it looked.

With a well refined menu, friendly service and in a prime location, Siberia Restaurant and Bar provides an all-round enjoyable experience. Honouring the flavours of Europe through fresh, local produce and culinary genius, these guys really know what they’re doing – highly recommend for a uniquely satiating experience.

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: 6 East Tce, Adelaide


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