OTRGive – The Show Must Go On

Things are very different today then they were 12 months ago. So, with all the things we are missing due to the current climate it is good to see even a hint of normalcy. Looking to give us at least a little of the times before COVID is OTRGive. This is an app-based program within OTR (On The Run) that looks to provide support to the community and has donated $300,000 to local charities, many of whom were invited to this special event. With the Adelaide Show cancelled this year OTRGive has taken the reins and delivered a mini show experience with The Show Must Go On.

Now it’s fair to say that The Show Must Go On is a very, very mini show. Taking place in the car park/car wash space of OTR Wayville, OTR doesn’t exactly have much to work with but they have done the best they can with the space they have. What you will find is just a snippet of the show for the those that the show is really about, the kids. On display are sideshow games, magician acts, balloon animals, an animal farm, a bouncy castle and of course the highlight of the show every year, the showbags. It isn’t an entire Show, but OTR does a lot with a little.

Plenty of other parties have also stepped in to give a helping hand at building this Adelaide Show experience. Nova 91.9, Bickfords Ice Coffee, Balfours, Johnny’s Popcorn, South Aussie with Cosi and a handful of others to provide snacks, refreshments and entertainment for the little ones.

Is it the Adelaide Show? No, not really. What it is a fun day out and an excuse to get out of the house. The fact that OTR have put all this on for free is astounding and goes to show how with a bit of community effort we can make things a little more bearable. I applaud OTRGive and look forward to any future community efforts they put together. Showbags are still on sale at any OTR to give the kids at least a small bit of the Adelaide Show.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin



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