Mugen Sushi Train

Located at the North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre, Mugen Sushi Train is Adelaide’s newest, brightest and funkiest sushi train! Providing an incredible train of fresh, handmade sushi, as well as a huge range of udon, ramen, donburi, sashimi and salads, there is a Japanese-style dish to please every customer.

At Mugen Sushi Train you’re sure to have a fun and casual meal with your friends, dining in one of the comfy booths along the extensive sushi train conveyer. The walls are painted with bright, pop murals depicting sushi chefs preparing delicious meals, and neon lights bring a warm and retro vibe to the restaurant.

Along the train is a huge range of fresh nigiri, aburi, sushi rolls, tofu inari, sushi ships and sashimi. You can also get hot udon and ramen, as well as dishes such as chicken fillets, tempura, donburi and gyoza to be made fresh to order! With a range of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, you can’t go wrong with such a huge selection.

Nigiri is one of the most traditional types of sushi, consisting of fresh fish or vegetables draped over small pods of seasoned sushi rice. The Salmon Avocado with Wasabi Mayo is a great mix of fresh salmon, avocado slices and a little bit of spice to incorporate all the best aspects of nigiri. It’s impossible to go wrong with the traditional Ebi nigiri and Tuna nigiri, with fresh sashimi served simply on pods of delicious sushi rice.

For people that don’t like the idea of raw fish, aburi is the go to if you still want to enjoy a delicious nigiri-style dish. Aburi refers to nigiri sushi where the meat is partially grilled on the top, and partially raw on the bottom. The aburi at Mugen Sushi Train comes in a range of different seafoods, including salmon, tuna, scallop and prawn. For something a bit different, you can also get beef and duck aburi.

Sushi rolls are what most people think of when they think of sushi, and Mugen Sushi Train has a huge range of both your more common sushi rolls and some very special and delicious sushi rolls. Cooked tuna sushi rolls are a lot of peoples go to, and these are available in many different styles, some with fresh ingredients like avocado or cucumber, or spiced with chilli or wasabi. There are lots of flavours of chicken sushi rolls, with options for karaage chicken, katsu chicken and teriyaki chicken. There are also lots of seafood sushi rolls available, as well as teriyaki tofu and other vegetarian sushi rolls.

Tofu inari is a delicious way of serving sushi in a fried tofu bean pouch. The tofu bean pouch which makes the dish inari is sweet and succulent, and can be filled with chicken, rice, seafood, or vegetables to make inari ships. You can also enjoy traditional inari, which is a sushi rice pod rolled up in a fried tofu bean pouch.

Raw fish is a popular Japanese cuisine known as Sashimi, and you can get this freshly made up at Mugen Sushi Train with salmon, tuna and kingfish. Also available is beef tataki and tuna tataki, which is lightly seared meat or fish steak.

Sushi ships are made by wrapping a wide strip of nori around a rice ball while leaving enough space at the top to be filled with various ingredients. Sushi ships can be filled with seafoods, meats, and vegetables. At Mugen Sushi, you can have a selection of salmon, jelly fish, and vegetarian ships.

To fulfil your sushi cravings in a fun restaurant close to the Adelaide CBD, Mugen Sushi Train is the perfect place to catch up with friends and enjoy traditional Japanese-style cuisines. You can’t go wrong with the huge range of sushi styles available, and it’s always fun grabbing the meals that catch your eye right off of the conveyer. Be careful though, and make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre, 67 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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