Busan Baby

Today Busan Baby, located on Morphett Street, opened up their Korean takeaway menu to the hungry people of Adelaide. Korean food over the years has become the new and trendy thing to eat, and Busan Baby really showed to us why the country’s cuisine has gotten such a good reputation. As a result of the current pandemic it was a hard decision to go ahead with the launch, but I am confident that with their creative menu and good vibes this will just be the start of their restaurants success.

The first thing that caught my attention when visiting the restaurant for takeaway was the one long light that turned and curved around the entire ceiling. It was a décor I was not familiar with but it twisted well into the funky vibe of the restaurant. The walls of the eatery were all painted a different colour, with some creative murals drawn by an artist who has some talented taste. I can imagine that post pandemic this Korean eatery will be bustling with people among incredible vibes that will go well with the authentic food.

We tried a range of their dishes including the Seafood Kimchi Pancake, which can be found on their ‘To Start’ menu. I have never been a huge fan of Asian style pancakes but Busan Baby did me proud. The light pancake used a a crunchy batter mixed with a vast array of seafood, including baby octopus, which is one of my favourites.

Next was the Bulgogi Slider with grilled beef patty, brioche bun, cheese, and kimchi. The two cutest little sliders you will see, filled with a famous Korean vegetable and a juicy beef patty. A great item menu if you’re feeling something light, but with a full body of flavour.

Heading over to the main event we tried the mega Kimchi Katsu Chicken: Korean fried chicken schnitzel covered with melted cheese. Think about the best chicken schnitzel you have ever had at a pub, and then times it by 10. The special batter used to coat the chicken is crunchy like cornflakes and helped to give the dish individuality. Topped with the melted juicy cheese, this one is great for the arteries.

The next dish my favourite of the night Bulgogi Beef Stew. After hearing flowing reviews about Korean style hot pots, it was a must that I tried my first at Busan Baby. The stew contained a mixture of beef, mushrooms, carrot, tofu and noodles, and it left me with a warm tummy. The succulent beef helped to make the broth that little more flavoursome and the veggies gave the dish some substance. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the stew and a serving size big enough to share.

The second hot pot we tried was the Military Stew: Spicy sausage stew with ramen noodles. Now this was an interesting dish and for some it may be one that would take a bit of getting used too. The combination of spam, sausage, baked beans and vegetables, is probably something that you are not too familiar with. This dish was created during the Korean War, when the Koreans smuggled surplus foods from the American army. The stew is a hearty dish with a lot of flavour and salt, great if you’re wanting to try something traditional and unique.

My second favourite dish of the night the Ram-don Jjapagurri: Tossed ramen with bulgolgi beef. A dish that was created in the Korean movie Parasite, which then become a huge hit around Korea. A gorgeous combination of my now favourite meat bulgolwgi and some lightly toasted ramen noodles. Even though the plate looks extremely saucy and heavy, to me the flavours were light but bursting.

To end the night we tried the Korean Fried Chicken. You can’t go Korean without trying the best thing on the menu KFC. SENSATIONAL, is pretty much all that needs to be said. Cooked to perfection with a flawless batter and a hot to trot oil.

Thank you to the team at Busan Baby for letting us try their incredible menu. Not only have you put in a huge effort on making the restaurant shine aesthetically, but your food is highly regarded.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 270 Morphett St, Adelaide


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