Gaucho’s – Paella Sundays

The legendary restaurant in Adelaide, Gaucho’s have recently begun an exciting new offer. Popular for their high end steak and chargrilled meat, they have now started introducing a new concept of the famous Spanish culture of Paella and Sangria.

We were introduced to all three types of Paella which they plan to offer to the public at the beginning of April;

Vegetarian/Vegan Paella – Mixed herbs such as parsley, basil and saffron are used to build the aroma of this beautiful dish along with butternut pumpkin, eggplant, asparagus which they simply cut up, marinate then roast. Once done they are combined with your basic paella recipe which is onion, tomatoes, mushrooms (when available) then completed with shaved radish on top!

Meat Paella – A mix of meat such as scotch fillet and chicken fillet and you definitely can’t forget the chorizo. It’s not a meat paella without chorizo which will give that amazing flavour all around.

Seafood Paella – The presentation of this paella was second to none. Its so pleasing to the eye with generous amounts of seafood such as tiger prawns, crabs and mussels. I found the texture of the rice on this paella softer than the others. I’m guessing it came out this way because of the extra moisture of the seafood which really brought out that risotto texture we are so familiar with.

As well as Paella, they are also doing Pinchitos or as we call them here as meat skewers. Offering charcoalled meat of beef, chicken or whatever is available to offer on the day. This reminded me of the Brazilian Churrascos, similar concept with beautiful meat cooked to perfection. It would be best to share as the portion is large. Very large.

This offer’s valid on Sundays at Gaucho’s starting this April and we believe it will be such a popular destination to go to before or after an AFL game or just a casual get together with your family and friends over fantastic food and drinks. I have personally tasted the sangria and that was the icing on the cake for me. I loved it!

Lets not forget to mention that Gaucho’s will also offer some churros for all you out there with a sweet tooth. Now that’s the way to complete a fantastic dining experience.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 91 Gouger St, Adelaide


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